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  • Down and Dirty Router Table

    Sometimes, like when I’m making loads of label holders, it’s more convenient to have a second router table than to keep swapping router bits. Here’s a super simple setup that has worked well for me. In fact, the one you see here is my first router table. I used it for years prior to making…

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  • Modular Shop Storage Cabinets

    These no-waste easy-to-build cabinets are a great way to increase the storage in your shop. These modular storage cabinets are designed to be easy to build and install, and to make maximum use of space with a minimum amount of material waste. I replaced four of my cruddy looking old shop storage cabinets with 5…

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  • Cremation Urn: An Unusual Turning

    Every once in a while, an unusual woodworking commission comes along.This recently happened to me when I was asked to turn a cremation urn in the shape of a Shriner fez. Here’s the project. Hope you can get some ideas and tips for your own projects. Material Selection. Since a fez is red and I’m…

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