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  • Wooden serving utensils

    Holiday Serving Utensils

    Serve your holiday desserts with style! These artisan serving utensils are the perfect complement to the special pies or cakes that you have planned for the holidays. We got started making these many years ago because my mother makes an apple pie that is worthy of a special serving utensil and these have proven to…

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  • Homemade Air Filtration System

    Homemade Air Filtration System

    Air quality is always an issue for woodworkers, especially if we are working in a basement or when we don’t want to give up the heat in the shop to an open window during those cold winter months. There are plenty of ‘store bought’ systems out there to filter the air, but they can be…

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  • Straining a serving tray

    Artisan Serving Tray

    Delight your friend or significant other by building this artisan serving tray for them, featuring contrasting hardwoods for stunning beauty, graceful curves, large convenient handles, and a solid feel that will make this tray a great conversation piece at any party, as well as an instant family heirloom. You will find a couple of pleasant…

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  • ask wwgoa

    Solar Kiln Plans and Dimensions

    “I viewed the WWGOA video Logs to Lumber and I’m interested in building a solar kiln. Where can I go to get plans? Can you give me rough dimensions on the one featured in the video? I live near Nashville Tennessee, and I would like to know what roof angle I would need for my…

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  • Cat litter pails

    Cat Litter Pails as Shop Storage

    I have a relatively small shop – 12′ x 24′. Since I do a lot of turning – from large salad bowls to pens, bottle stoppers and night-lights – I keep a large stock of small parts and pieces. (Actually, I’m a bit of wood junkie and can’t throw stuff away.) I also have an…

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  • Router table

    Down and Dirty Router Table

    Sometimes, like when I’m making loads of label holders, it’s more convenient to have a second router table than to keep swapping router bits. Here’s a super simple setup that has worked well for me. In fact, the one you see here is my first router table. I used it for years prior to making…

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  • Modular shop storage cabinets

    Modular Shop Storage Cabinets

    These no-waste easy-to-build cabinets are a great way to increase the storage in your shop. These modular storage cabinets are designed to be easy to build and install, and to make maximum use of space with a minimum amount of material waste. I replaced four of my cruddy looking old shop storage cabinets with 5…

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  • Wooden cremation urn

    Cremation Urn: An Unusual Turning

    Every once in a while, an unusual woodworking commission comes along.This recently happened to me when I was asked to turn a cremation urn in the shape of a Shriner fez. Here’s the project. Hope you can get some ideas and tips for your own projects. Material Selection. Since a fez is red and I’m…

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