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  • Keepsake Scrollsawn Silhouette Ornaments

    Homemade Christmas ornaments are special, especially those that contain the images of family members. I was amazed and inspired by the work of silhouette artist Clay Rice. Rice cuts interpretive silhouettes from paper freehand while looking at the subject. This form of art is far beyond my reach but, using a digital camera, computer, and… Read more »

  • ask wwgoa

    Making Your Own Turning Blanks

    “I had a nice cherry tree go down in my back woods that I would like to use for turning blanks. It is about a foot to 10” across. What is the best way to dry something like this? WWGOA Editor Response: If you want to turn the pieces as logs, which would make natural… Read more »

  • A Versatile Medicine Cabinet

    This medicine cabinet is part of a vanity that I’m currently building for a client. The cool thing about it is it’s easy to build, and it could be used in a variety of different bathroom configurations, or for storage in other parts of your house or shop. I customized this one to be used… Read more »

  • Homemade Router Table with Shop-Made Router Base Plates

    MAKE YOUR ROUTER A MORE FLEXIBLE TOOL WITH THESE SHOP-MADE BASE-PLATES. Everyone knows that the router is an incredibly versatile tool. A huge variety of router bits, aftermarket jigs, fences and guides for sale at home renovation and specialty woodworking stores make the possibilities for the router seem endless. The easiest way to broaden the… Read more »

  • Rock-Solid, Low-Cost Bookcase Plans

    This bookcase plan is designed to be large enough to handle all of the books belonging to the voracious reader in your family, virtually indestructible to withstand years of abuse, and easy on the pocket book using inexpensive materials from your local home center. For about $100 you can have a bookcase that would cost… Read more »

  • Slabwood Nesting Tables

    Portable sawmills open up a whole new world to woodworkers. What may be one man’s firewood is a woodworker’s treasure. I remember the first time I hired a sawyer with a portable mill. I had been a professional woodworker for over ten years and I knew where boards came from. But nothing prepared me for… Read more »

  • Swinging Portable Tool Storage

    My shop produces a diverse collection of projects in a limited space: 12′ x 22′. It’s important that every square foot be used efficiently. As a result I’ve focused on mobility of larger machines and some creative ways of storing smaller equipment. The latter is OK if the tool is for occasional use. However, frequently… Read more »

  • Tenoning Jig How-To

    Tips for Cutting Tenons with a Tenoning Jig Table Saw Tenoning Jig – Tracks in the miter gauge slot of a table saw. Work pieces are clamped upright against the vertical work support plate so saw cuts can be made in the end grain. The distance between the work support plate and the saw blade’s… Read more »

  • Dovetailed Step Stool

    One of the things I like best about woodworking is the chance to create objects that are both useful and beautiful. The humble step stool is just such a project. A stool spends its life down on the floor dutifully presenting its back for people to step on. Like a true friend, a stool is… Read more »

  • Craftsman Style 5×7 Picture Frame

    So you got yourself in a bind and you still need to make a few last minute gifts for the holidays? This attractive, straight-grain rift-sawn white oak and walnut picture frame, with its decorative protruding plugs, is probably just what you’re looking for. Learning how to build a picture frame and finishing it will take… Read more »