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  • Shop Made Circular Saw Guide

    Shop-Made Circular Saw Guide: Cheap, Easy, and Awesome!

    Working with big sheets of plywood, or worse yet MDF, can be a bear. Even on my cabinet saw, equipped with ample outfeed support, I dread man-handling those behemoth sheets. Its grunt work at best, and can be downright dangerous if the slightest thing goes wrong. I have stories among my circle of friends, and… Read more »

  • Clamp Rack and Outfeed Support in One

    This simple clamp rack solves two problems. It holds a boat load of bar clamps, (there are 46 on mine) and it provides support adjacent to the table saw. You can build the whole thing from home center materials. Casters make it mobile so you can easily move it from bench to saw. Here are… Read more »

  • A Fancy End Grain Cutting Board

    Cutting boards and trivets are commonly available in a wide range of materials, and typically uninteresting. However, the latter need not be the case. As a woodworker I’ve steadily added tools to my shop. With the router and router table available I’ve tried to figure out ways to justify the expense. Here’s a project that… Read more »

  • Cribbage Board Template with Peg Storage

    A very good friend and mentor once told me it’s a mistake to play cribbage with your significant other – unless you really relish conflict in your relationship. Hey, I just make cribbage boards. Well, I do play a little cribbage. Cribbage Board Template Material Choices Any shop accumulates scrap materials. My wife accuses me… Read more »

  • Build a Cremation Cask

    Over the years I’ve made pet cremation urns and boxes for friends who’ve lost pets. In 2010 I had a request from a dear cousin for his own cremation cask. He knew he was dying after a long battle with cancer. It took a couple tries to get a good, sound design that I felt… Read more »

  • Shop-Built Dust Port

    Shop-Built Dust Port

    Here’s how to make a dust port for any jig or power tool in your shop. It’s easy to build, uses parts readily available from your local hardware store, and best of all, it really works! I’ll show you how to make two kinds, one for your 2 1/2″ shop vac hose, and the other… Read more »

  • Between-the-Studs Display Shelves

    My wife loves the look of built-in furniture and cabinets, so when I finished a family room in our basement I wanted to incorporate some built-in cabinetry. The challenge that I faced in designing this was that the room was relatively small, and we had many items that we wanted to incorporate, so space was… Read more »

  • Kitchen Step Stool

    All You Need Is An Afternoon For This Handy Gift. My family has tall kitchen cabinets. I got tired of my wife standing on the nice dining chairs to reach the top shelf for a fresh package of pasta. I thought Christmas was the perfect opportunity to make her a simple, dedicated step-stool that she… Read more »

  • Travel Wooden Mug Project For The Lathe

    In the US alone we consume over 400 million cups of coffee every day. Over half of the US population drinks coffee regularly. So, chances are you know someone that drinks coffee; it might even be you. A re-usable travel wooden mug makes a nice personal gift for the coffee drinkers in your life. The… Read more »

  • Dresser Tray

    Here’s a neat last minute gift idea. The construction is fairly simple. It’s one of those “how’d you do that” projects, and that makes it a particularly good gift since recipients think you spent more time making it than you really did! To make it you’ll need a table saw, miter saw, one band clamp,… Read more »