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  • TV Cabinet Plans

    Designed for a standard 32-inch TV (and some 36-inch TVs), this handsome television cabinet created from our woodworking plans feature pocket doors for unobstructed viewing from any angle. Generous accessory shelves will accommodate a cable or satellite decoder, a VCR or DVD player, a home theater system, a video game system, videos, woodworking magazine, and…

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  • Woodworking Bench

    Any experienced woodworker can attest to the fact that a good workbench is one of the keys to success for any project. More than a simple work surface, a well-made woodworking bench incorporates precise angles and a level top that serve as gauges for other projects. This do-it-yourself version features a heavy laminated top, a…

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  • Wall Unit Plans

    DIY modular wall units are an ideal way to make the most of valuable wall space. Any number of these two wood projects may be combined to take advantage of any floor plan to increase storage and the beauty of your home. Download this DIY custom storage unit project plan today. Each units measure 78…

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  • Build a Simple Dartboard Cabinet

    Build a Simple Dartboard Cabinet

    When I added an electronic dartboard to my recently finished basement, I wanted to “class it up” a bit by building a cabinet to house the board. The cabinet serves a few important functions: It looks nice as it encloses the dartboard when not in use… Read more

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  • Shop-Made Straight Edge

    Shop-Made Straight Edge

    A straight edge is an invaluable tool in your woodworking shop. Unfortunately, buying a quality straight edge can be very expensive. Here’s how to avoid that expense by building your own shop-made straight edge. The key is taking three different boards and using each as a reference to make sure you end up with three…

  • Lingerie Chest Plans

    A striking combination of beauty and practicality, this DIY wood lingerie chest displays a timeless elegance that will ensure its place as a family heirloom. Its clean lines, sturdy construction and simplicity of design make it a natural for almost any decor. Use our lingerie chest project plans to make the building process easy. The…

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  • how to make a better joiners mallet

    Build a Better Joiner’s Mallet: Domed Head Provides Forgiving Strike Surface

    One of the most frequently used tools in my shop is a joiner’s mallet.  I use one for finesse work such as tapping chisels and carving tools, as well as more blunt force actions like banging a carcase together or forcing a panel flat during glue-up.  I have made a half dozen or so joiner’s…

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  • How to Make a Wooden Bowl or Tray with a Router

    How to Make a Wooden Bowl or Tray With a Router

    Watch this complete step-by-step video to learn how to make a wooden bowl or tray with your router. With the help of patterns and bits, your plunge router can transform a huge chunk of wood into something your lathe just couldn’t handle. Material Prep If you watch woodturning videos you know that lathes have limitations…

  • Carry-Along Wooden Camping Chair

    “I’ve been through the gambit of store-bought collapsible chairs to bring along on my canoe trips and none of them have really grabbed me, until I came up with this one. I ran across a photo of a two-piece chair similar to this in a book about ancient Vikings and was inspired to modernize it.…

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  • Patio Wall & Planter

    Just the thing to frame a corner of the yard or patio, this patio wall and planter combination is great for hanging plants and flowers while sheltering the barbecue and outdoor dining area from the wind. Out in the yard, it can screen off a corner where garden tools or garbage cans are stored. The planter box is built…

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