Woodworking Gift Ideas & Easy Wood Projects

Looking for last minute DIY wood projects that would be great woodworking gift ideas? Check out these easy woodworking projects and plans for beginner woodworkers to pro woodshop owners.

See everything from simple wood projects, up to great wood working projects for the expert. Our entire library of woodworking projects and easy woodworking plans has excellent woodworking ideas for you.

Looking for a great gift for a friend or family member or maybe a Christmas gift? Recommended woodwork projects include a turned wood box with a lid or how to make a jewlery box. New to woodworking? Great! Check out these simple beginner’s woodworking projects. No matter the DIY woodworking project you can find your next gift idea in the wood craft videos listed below.

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  • Shoehorn

    Long-Handled “Back Saver” Shoe Horn

    With a family history of back problems, I am always on the lookout for items that can help to minimize wear and tear on my lumbar. A couple years back a friend told me about the long handled shoe horns that commonly hang next to the doors of hotel rooms in India, and I was…

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  • Wooden Houdini Wine Bottle Holder

    Wooden Houdini Wine Bottle Holder

    Spike Carlsen introduces a quick and simple woodworking project that you can make for your house or give as a gift. The Houdini wine bottle holder is a magical wine stand that is practically effortless to make. Spike teaches you how to craft this unique bottle holder in three easy steps, then you can sand…

  • Pen Turning Basics

    Pen Turning Basics

    Turning pens on the lathe is a project that’s fun and, with the right instruction, easy to do. In this woodturning project, George Vondriska provides information and demonstration about tool requirements and material selections for preparing your blanks for turning, mounting your blank on the lathe, techniques for turning on the lathe, sanding and finishing,…

  • Wooden knife block

    Building a Knife Block

    A knife block is a great gift project that you can easily build in less than a day. This compact knife block was designed to fit a limited counter space, eliminate some knife clutter and house the knives used only on a weekly basis, and also features an accessible spot for the handy kitchen scissors.…

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  • Wooden boards

    Napkin Holder and Matching Trivets

    Well, this project was born of necessity. My wife and I had a wooden napkin holder for years until the newly acquired kitten found reason to move it from the table to the floor just to check if it, too, was subject to gravity. (Don’t ask about the $300 hand blown glass bowl he also…

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  • Staining a wall sconce

    Modern Candle Wall Sconce

    I went to Daniel Kantor of Kantor Group (Minneapolis based design firm) to get a fresh idea for a WWGOA Christmas project. I am delighted with the design he has provided for this modern candle wall sconce, as it looks great and it is relatively simple to build in mass production for Christmas gifts. Dan…

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  • Wooden dresser tray

    Dresser Tray

    Here’s a neat last minute gift idea. The construction is fairly simple. It’s one of those “how’d you do that” projects, and that makes it a particularly good gift since recipients think you spent more time making it than you really did! To make it you’ll need a table saw, miter saw, one band clamp,…

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  • Wooden silhouette

    Keepsake Scrollsawn Silhouette Ornaments

    Homemade Christmas ornaments are special, especially those that contain the images of family members. I was amazed and inspired by the work of silhouette artist Clay Rice. Rice cuts interpretive silhouettes from paper freehand while looking at the subject. This form of art is far beyond my reach but, using a digital camera, computer, and…

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  • Sawing something

    Craftsman Style 5×7 Picture Frame

    So you got yourself in a bind and you still need to make a few last minute gifts for the holidays? This attractive, straight-grain rift-sawn white oak and walnut picture frame, with its decorative protruding plugs, is probably just what you’re looking for. Learning how to build a picture frame and finishing it will take…

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  • Wooden wine bottle holder

    Mystifying Balancing Wine Bottle Holder

    Add a whimsical air to your next celebration by placing wine bottles in a seemingly impossible balancing act using these intriguing holders. These special holders support a standard 750-ml bottle of wine in perfect repose, while your guests will stand around it staring in a state of wonder. The trick to maintaining balance is in…

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