Woodshop Projects

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  • How to Make a Wood Carving Stand

    How to Make a Wood Carving Stand

    George Vondriska invites his friend George Johnson into the woodworking workshop to learn about a simple carving stand that you can build with cheap materials to make wood carving more comfortable.

  • Beginner Woodworking Projects: Matching Saw Horses and Shop Stools

    How to Make Sawhorses and Matching Shop Stools

    Effectively learn how to make sawhorses and matching shop stools with this instructional video hosted by master woodworker George Vondriska. When not in use, the stools and horses stack, keeping them out of your way. Everything can be made from only two sheets of plywood. We’ve provided the cutting diagram.

    This is a great project for beginners looking for a simple learning experience, or intermediate builders that could use a few uncomplicated and genuinely useful projects for their own shop. There’s nothing worse than being unable to properly support larger pieces you’re working on in the shop. A few shop-made sawhorses and shop stools should be among the first woodworking projects that a beginner takes on. Within the wide variety of woodworking videos available on the Woodworkers Guild of America site, this handy video offers one of the most useful projects for your shop.

    George will walk you through the step-by-step process for how to make sawhorses and shop stools using only two sheets of plywood. No fancy tools required, either. The final product includes four of each item. During the creation of the I-beams — used to improve stability and rigidity of the sawhorses in this case — George divulges a handy tip to easily keep track of the center line of long boards when making connections from the outside edge.

    If you need more storage, the shop stools can be easily modified to allow for small shelving units between the legs for additional storage space, or even modified with holes for handy tool hangers. Similarly, you may also consider modifying the sawhorses if you need additional functionality, such as adding a few useful hooks to the sides of the vertical I-beam boards. These could be used to keep cables and cords off the floor while working, or as handy temporary storage for safety gear such as goggles, gloves, or hearing protection.

    This video on how to make sawhorses provides you with all the steps necessary to get a beautiful finished product. George even shares an incredibly simple yet effective technique to keep your vertical pieces in an upright position that you won’t want to miss.

    With this straightforward guide on how to make sawhorses and shop stools, you’ll be well on your way to creating a couple of the staple devices you’ll use in your workshop for years to come!

  • Make a Resaw Fence for a Band Saw

    Make a Resaw Fence for a Bandsaw

    George Vondriska walks you through the step-by-step woodworking process for creating and using a simple resaw fence that is perfect for re-sawing wooden boards on a band saw. The resaw single-point fence will give your boards a beautiful book match effect.

  • Making Sleds with Micro Jig Applicances

    Making Shop-Made Sleds for Small Project Pieces

    George Vondriska shows you how to create and use two different sleds in your woodworking shop using Micro Jig appliances, one for cutting perfect miters on your table saw, and another that will help you to easily crosscut small woodworking pieces with your band saw. The Zero PlayGuide Bar System from Micro Jig fits directly…

  • Shop Storage Made Easy

    Shop Storage Made Easy

    Whether you’re a beginning wood turner or an experienced carpenter, a well-equipped shop should have a storage piece that keeps your tools organized and ready for use. In this month’s woodworking project update, George Vondriska demonstrates the step-by-step process for laying out and assembling a fully customizable storage cabinet for your shop. He gives you…

  • How to Make a Straight Line Jig

    How to Make a Straight Line Jig

    In this demonstration, Spike Carlsen teaches you how to make your own straight line jig so you can easily cut large pieces of wood with a circular saw. To construct this convenient woodworking jig, you’ll follow a few simple steps. Using a factory cut sheet of plywood, use Spike’s guidelines for cutting and fastening the…

  • Workbench Plans: Shop Table

    Build a Shop Table: Workbench Plans

    Build a roll-around shop table from one sheet of 3/4″ plywood. This woodworking shop project is a great asset in any shop! Use it for an assembly and outfeed table as well as a portable tool caddie. Master woodworker George Vondriska gives you the complete workbench plans, tells you what hardware you’ll need and discusses design options to customize it for your shop. Once you’ve built a shop table, you’ll wonder how you got by without it.

  • Shop Cabinet for Benchtop Tools

    Shop Cabinet for Benchtop Tools

    Many tools don’t really work that well on top of a bench. Frequently a standard height bench makes the tool too high to comfortably work on. This shop-made cabinet puts your benchtop tools at just the right height. And, it’s economical. The entire cabinet comes from just two 3/4″ 4′ x 8′ sheets of plywood.

    In addition to getting tools to just the right height this cabinet provides LOTS of storage in the form of pull out trays. It also has built in outriggers, with adjustable height, you can use to provide support when you’re working with large pieces.

    The video provides tricks for accurately locating the pull out trays in the case, something you can use any time you’re installing drawer slides, and for using the router table to cut the long slots required for the adjustable outriggers.

    This cabinet is very handy and works great for a benchtop planer, drill press, jointer, even a table saw.

  • Clamp Rack and Outfeed Support in One

    This simple clamp rack solves two problems. It holds a boat load of bar clamps, (there are 46 on mine) and it provides support adjacent to the table saw. You can build the whole thing from home center materials. Casters make it mobile so you can easily move it from bench to saw. Here are…

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  • Shop-Built Dust Port

    Shop-Built Dust Port

    Here’s how to make a dust port for any jig or power tool in your shop. It’s easy to build, uses parts readily available from your local hardware store, and best of all, it really works! I’ll show you how to make two kinds, one for your 2 1/2″ shop vac hose, and the other…

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