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  • How to Make a Longbow

    For many, traditional archery is a passion. For others it’s just plain fun! Either way, learning how to make a longbow is something that nearly anyone can do, even without an extensive shop or lots of woodworking experience. This story will provide you with an overview of how to make a longbow. Part of the…

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  • Using a Guitar Template to Build Your First Guitar

    Good kits make great guitars and offer plenty of woodworking An article by Steve Scott in Fine Woodworking Magazine September/October 2011 edition I wanted to build an acoustic guitar for the longest time, but was intimidated by the prospect. Although I’ve done plenty of woodworking, the idea of creating the forms for a guitar body…

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  • A Fancy End Grain Cutting Board

    Cutting boards and trivets are commonly available in a wide range of materials, and typically uninteresting. However, the latter need not be the case. As a woodworker I’ve steadily added tools to my shop. With the router and router table available I’ve tried to figure out ways to justify the expense. Here’s a project that…

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  • Build a Cremation Cask

    Over the years I’ve made pet cremation urns and boxes for friends who’ve lost pets. In 2010 I had a request from a dear cousin for his own cremation cask. He knew he was dying after a long battle with cancer. It took a couple tries to get a good, sound design that I felt…

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  • Cremation Urn: An Unusual Turning

    Every once in a while, an unusual woodworking commission comes along.This recently happened to me when I was asked to turn a cremation urn in the shape of a Shriner fez. Here’s the project. Hope you can get some ideas and tips for your own projects. Material Selection. Since a fez is red and I’m…

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