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  • Wine Rack Project

    This year my wife, Ann, suggested I make holiday gifts for several of our family and friends. She often produces fabric art quilts and they are consistently well received. I contribute too – but not as many gifts as she does. Where does she find the time? I looked through a couple hundred images of…

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  • Build a Shelved Mirror

    In my house there’s a significant morning bottle neck at the bathroom door. Too many people, not enough bathrooms. But a big part of the hold up was hair brushing and make up, tasks that only require mirror access. After reflecting on the issue I decided to take some pressure off the bathroom by making…

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  • End Grain Cutting Board Plans

    End Grain Cutting Board Plans

    In this woodworking project demonstration, George Vondriska teaches you how to build a long-lasting end-grain cutting board that will look and work great in your kitchen. He walks through the cutting board plans step-by-step for building the board from scratch, including wood and pattern selection, initial layout, cut mechanics and finishing.

  • Scroll Saw Projects: Chess Pieces

    Scroll Saw Projects: Chess Pieces

    Using a scroll saw you can create your own unique chess pieces. In one of his scroll saw projects, George Vondriska demonstrates step-by-step how to create detailed chess pieces using a piece of alder, a scroll saw and a pattern. Learn how to build the chessboard base here.

  • How to Make a Chessboard

    How to Make a Chessboard

    George Vondriska teaches you how to make a chessboard in a few short steps. This video will teach you about material selection, and how to easily get the alternating color pattern that chess and checker boards require. Next up, learn how to build the chessboard pieces here.

  • How to Build a Canoe

    How to Build a Canoe

    If you love canoeing but you want to step up your hobby from using plastic rentals to a beautifully crafted wooden canoe, you should consider learning how to build a canoe yourself. Master woodworker George Vondriska and Mark Morgen from St. Croix Canoes give you a brief overview of the things you might need to…

  • Flag Display Case Plans

    Flag Display Case Plans

    Watch this Flag Display Case Video George Vondriska prepares you for your next great woodworking project: a flag display case. In this flag display case video, you’ll see how to custom build a triangle case for any sized flag, and how to cut perfect angles for each of the three triangle joints. You’ll learn how…

  • How to Make a Cremation Cask

    How to Make a Cremation Cask

    Woodworking experts George Vondriska and A.J. Moses discuss the making of a cremation cask. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video.

  • Make a Long Bow

    Make a Long Bow

    Why should Robin Hood have all the fun? Master woodworker George Vondriska teaches you all about what goes into making a custom long bow and how the shape gives the arrow its speed. Also learn where to buy a starter kit or get individual woodworking instruction for making your own classic all-wood bow.

  • Making a Kit Guitar

    Building a Kit Guitar

    Building a guitar is an excellent test of a skilled woodworker’s craftsmanship, but if you’re like most people, you probably want to skip the long woodworking processes of shaping and sanding the body. So master woodworker George Vondriska gives you a quick rundown on a couple ready-made guitar kits that are available for you to…