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  • Coat Tree

    Build a Coat Tree

    In this month’s woodworking project demonstration, George Vondriska teaches you the step-by-step process for building a coat tree that will look great in your home or workshop. He demonstrates the simple techniques for installing wrought-iron hooks, crafting the coat tree’s feet, and quarter sawing to achieve that beautiful face grain on all four sides.

  • Easy-to-Make Wooden Picture Frame

    Easy-to-Make Wooden Picture Frame

    Wooden picture frames make great gifts and you can easily make a picture frame following the steps in this class. Here’s an approach to making wooden picture frames that relies on screw pockets and molding. It’s really easy to do, and you’re gonna love this approach to getting framed. We’re assembling the frame with butt…

  • Wine Rack Project

    This year my wife, Ann, suggested I make holiday gifts for several of our family and friends. She often produces fabric art quilts and they are consistently well received. I contribute too – but not as many gifts as she does. Where does she find the time? I looked through a couple hundred images of…

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  • Sturdy and Modern Entryway Bench

    A bench that will be placed in a home’s entryway is an important project for a couple reasons. First; visibility. It will be one of the first things that visitors see when they arrive, and so it will help to set the first impression of the overall home. Second, it is likely to receive a…

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  • Elegant DIY Bedside Table

    Build an Elegant Bedside Table

    Spend 45 minutes with George Vondriska as he shows you how to build a simple yet elegant DIY bedside table. It features a top with breadboard ends, tongue and groove joinery, tapered legs and a single drawer. George takes you step-by-step through the process of building a bedside table you can be proud of. This woodworking project video also includes a complete parts and cut list for you to easily download.

  • How to Make a Round Stool

    How to Make a Round Stool

    George Vondriska teaches you how to make a great looking round stool that you can use in your home or give as a gift. He demonstrates all the necessary woodworking techniques you’ll need for building your own round stool, like how to lay out and cut the rails, legs and top of the stool, how to add decorative routing on the legs, and finally how to put all the parts together.

  • ladder shelf plans

    How to Build a Ladder Shelf Including Ladder Shelf Plans

    Watch this video for everything you need to know to make a beautiful, practical ladder shelf. With complete free ladder shelf plans instructions, including clever master woodworker hints and tips, this video is also a mini woodworking course on making dado jigs, plus ladder shelf plans and a cut list are included!

    The Ladder Shelf

    You’ll see versions of the ladder shelf in on-trend home furnishing stores and on popular decorating sites. The shelf is ultra-sturdy and takes up very little space. We have many woodworking projects like this shelf. Our ladder Shelf Plans are easy to follow and fun to build.

    Start with the Legs

    This video is the perfect companion to the ladder shelf plans and it all starts with cutting the legs. Right off the bat, you’ll learn tricks for making sure the wood grain is running the right way and how to determine the exact angles needed to make the shelf stand up against a wall. There’s even a tip for how to make sure a loaded up shelf doesn’t wreck the wall behind it!

    Make the Dado Jigs

    Have you ever looked at some of our woodworking plans and shied away from a project that included making a dado jig? Even if you’ve made one before, you’ll learn useful tips for how to make dado jigs that ensure a perfect fit. You’ll also learn about choosing the correct router bit and guide bushing, how to use a simple piece of paper as a spacer, and how and why to make a climb cut with your router.


    If you’ve wondered how to band shelves for a professional, finished look, you’ll find out how to do it with this video. We take you step-by-step through the process, and you’ll learn what to use to clamp on the banding — it’s not a clamp! This video, the ladder shelf plans and the cut list are all you need to make your own handsome ladder shelf.

  • Kitchen Step Stool

    All You Need Is An Afternoon For This Handy Gift. My family has tall kitchen cabinets. I got tired of my wife standing on the nice dining chairs to reach the top shelf for a fresh package of pasta. I thought Christmas was the perfect opportunity to make her a simple, dedicated step-stool that she…

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  • Slabwood Nesting Tables

    Portable sawmills open up a whole new world to woodworkers. What may be one man’s firewood is a woodworker’s treasure. I remember the first time I hired a sawyer with a portable mill. I had been a professional woodworker for over ten years and I knew where boards came from. But nothing prepared me for…

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