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  • Office in a Closet Part 4: Finishing and Installing

    Time to wrap this office project up by finishing and installing the components. Finish and cabinet assembly: Apply finish to all components. I used a water based poly acrylic product to provide a nice looking durable finish. Set cabinets in place. Be sure they are level, and use shims if necessary. Scribe your face frame…

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  • Building an Office in a Closet

    Office in a Closet Part 2: Drawers and Doors

    This is the second installment of a four-part series on squeezing A LOT of desk into a small spot. In Part 1 Paul took us through design considerations and carcase construction. The case is ready for drawer and doors. There are nearly an infinite number of methods for building drawers. Here I used a full…

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  • Office in a Closet Part 1: Built-In Desk

    My wife and I used to share a spacious, sunny home office in our spare bedroom. We each had a desk and everything was great, except for the fact that my job requires several hours of telephone calls per day, and I have a rather loud voice and animated style. My wife came up with…

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  • Between-the-Studs Display Shelves

    My wife loves the look of built-in furniture and cabinets, so when I finished a family room in our basement I wanted to incorporate some built-in cabinetry. The challenge that I faced in designing this was that the room was relatively small, and we had many items that we wanted to incorporate, so space was…

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  • A Versatile Medicine Cabinet

    This medicine cabinet is part of a vanity that I’m currently building for a client. The cool thing about it is it’s easy to build, and it could be used in a variety of different bathroom configurations, or for storage in other parts of your house or shop. I customized this one to be used…

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