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    George’s 3 Favorite Woodworking Jigs for Cabinetmaking

    I’m always looking for ways to streamline my woodworking. Thrifty (read cheap) woodworker that I am my preference is to problem solve with shop-made woodworking jigs rather than commercially produced jigs. Here are my three favorite shop-made woodworking jigs for cabinetmaking: Dado Sizer For years I used the T and E method (Trial and Error)…

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  • Mudroom Locker Plans

    Mudroom Locker Plans

    Who doesn’t need more storage in their house for items you want out of site when you’re not using them. George Vondriska walks you through beautiful mudroom locker plans. This woodworking project video will demonstrate how to build a locker with a continuous grain front, soft close hinges, hard wood banding and other great features to improve the storage space in your house.

  • Modern Media Cabinet Part 6: Drawers and Hardware

    In the previous installment of this project we completed the top and shelf. Here we will build locking rabbet drawers with false fronts, attach drawer glide hardware, and wrap this project up. For details on the drawer construction see Diagram E.

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  • Modern Media Cabinet Part 5: Adjustable Shelf and Top Construction

    In the previous installment of this project, we completed the cabinet body. Now we will construct the top using edge joined solid wood, and the adjustable shelf using edge banded plywood. For details on the shelf, see Diagram D. Cut plywood as specified in cut list. Be sure you get a good clean cut on…

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  • Modern Media Cabinet Part 4: Drawer Bank Construction and Assembly

    In the previous installment of this project, we constructed the horizontal stretchers complete with tenons. Now we will focus on building the drawer bank using plywood joined with biscuits. We will also assemble the cabinet in two stages to simplify this otherwise complex glue-up. See Diagram C for details on construction of the drawer bank.…

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  • Modern Media Cabinet Part 3: Tenons and Edge Banding

    In the previous installment of this project, we performed the milling operations on the legs, including mortises and tapers. Now we will turn our attention to the stretchers that join with the rails, milling tenons and arches where appropriate, as well as applying iron-on veneer banding to exposed plywood edges. Prepare the Stock Cut all…

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  • Modern Media Cabinet Part 2: Mortises and Tapered Legs

    In part one of this series, we provided an overview of the project as well as scaled drawings. Here we will begin construction of the project, starting with the legs where we will mill mortises that will join the face frame as well as side and rear rails. We will also taper the legs at…

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  • Shop Storage Made Easy

    Shop Storage Made Easy

    Whether you’re a beginning wood turner or an experienced carpenter, a well-equipped shop should have a storage piece that keeps your tools organized and ready for use. In this month’s woodworking project update, George Vondriska demonstrates the step-by-step process for laying out and assembling a fully customizable storage cabinet for your shop. He gives you…

  • Modern Media Cabinet Part 1: Introduction

    In need of a media cabinet to house electronics gear for a new home theater room, I went to Seth Keller (WWGOA Contributing Editor and professional designer) for design assistance. My requirements were to allow for a large flat panel TV to sit on top (although mine is currently mounted to the wall above the…

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  • DIY Bookcase: Cherry Bookcase

    Build a Bookcase: Cherry Bookcase Plans

    Everyone needs more storage for books, and what could be better than an elegant bookcase (or two) that you’ve made yourself? Our DIY bookcase is made from cherry, and you’ll learn about cherry’s working characteristics, but you can choose any material you prefer for your bookcase.

    While making this project, you’ll learn how to accurately crosscut big pieces, such as the case sides, using a hand-held router and shop-made jig. You’ll also learn about dadoes and rabbets for case joinery, useful for projects such as dressers and kitchen cabinets. A real pinnacle of this piece is the dentil molding. What a beautiful detail! You’ll learn to make this attractive molding using your table saw and dado head. You’ll also see how to precisely miter and attach the moldings.

    Bookcase shelves need to be rigid, and you’ll see how to guarantee that your shelves won’t sag over time. The top of the bookcase is solid wood. We provide you with a great technique that allows the top to be solidly attached to the case, while still being able to expand and contract seasonally.