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Projects & Table Saw Tips 4-DVD Set




4-DVD Set: Projects & Table Saw Tips

393 minutes.

Table Saw Blade Storage, Making a Long-Bow in Your Shop & Hand Made Box – 131 minutes

Table Saw Blade Storage

  • Laying Out Parts for Wall Storage
  • Making Slots
  • Assembly of Wall Storage Solution
  • Tray Style Parts
  • Making the Trays
  • Cutting Dadoes in Box Sides
  • Assemble the Storage Box
  • Making a Long-Bow in Your Shop

  • Prep the Wood Components
  • Thinning the Bamboo
  • Laminating the Stave
  • Bow Terminology
  • Roughing out the Staves
  • Shaping the Stave
  • Chamfering the Stave
  • Floor Tillering
  • Cutting Nocks
  • Stringing the Bow
  • Locating the Nocking Point
  • Shooting the Bow
  • Finishing the Bow
  • Hand Made Box For Storage

  • Prepping Materials
  • Corner-Jointing Options
  • Dovetail Setup and Cutting
  • Cutting Front of the Box for Drawer
  • Cutting Groove for Bottom
  • Layout for Box Feet
  • Carving Design on Front
  • Box Assembly
  • Drawer and Lid Construction
  • Advanced Table Saw Techniques – 78 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • Cutting Circles
  • Cutting Perfect Tenons
  • One Set-Up Drawers
  • Using Your Table Saw as a Disk Sander
  • Blind Rabbet-and-Groove Drawer Joinery
  • Raised Panel Sled
  • Kerfing a Board for Bending
  • Resawing on a Table Saw
  • Stopped Dadoes
  • Template Cutting
  • Cross Halving Joints
  • Router Table Tips & Techniques – 79 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • The Golden Proportion
  • Router Lifts
  • Lock Miter Joints
  • Lock Miter Set-Up
  • Box Bottom
  • Box Assembly
  • Routing for Inlay Strip
  • Making Box Lid
  • Fitting Lid to Box Opening
  • Final Box Details
  • Cutting Miters On The Router Table
  • Splining Corners of Tray
  • Add Flocking to Tray
  • Drawer Lock Joint
  • Using the Router Table as a Jointer
  • Planter, Coat Tree and Uncle Bob’s Craftsman’s Table – 105 minutes


  • Material Selection
  • Assemble the Frames
  • Create the Bottom Ledge
  • Install the Bottom
  • Stack the Frames
  • Build and Attach the Legs
  • Fasten the Lower Rail
  • Install the Lower Slats
  • Assemble the Outside Corners
  • Install the Outside Corners
  • Coat Tree

  • Construction Basics
  • Rip Column Parts
  • Assemble Column
  • Make Feet
  • Cut Column to Length
  • Join Feet to Column
  • Glue Feet On
  • The Cap
  • Locate Hardware
  • Staining
  • Uncle Bob’s Craftsman Table

  • Construction Details
  • Layout the Top & Shelf
  • Fasten Braces to Top
  • Notch Lower Shelf
  • Laying Out the Legs
  • Fasten Legs To The Top
  • Mounting the Lower Shelf
  • Finishing
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