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Grout Floats for Jointer Safety

George Vondriska teaches you how to utilize a pair of large grout floats as push pads for face jointing. The material on the pads is perfect for gripping the surface of the wood so that you can apply the right amount of pressure and make a clean joint.

Grizzly Jointer/Planer Combo

Like peanut butter and jelly, a jointer and planer go together. If you really want to produce perfectly flat, straight, and square wood, you’ll need both. Having a hard time deciding which you should buy first? Go ahead, get ’em both in a combo machine. Grizzly’s Jointer/Planer Combination machine (#G0675), $1,195, does both planing and…

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WWGOA LIVE! March 2016

The luck of the Irish was with us, we had no technical issues at all. Here’s what we covered, and where you can find it in the archived video.

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Differences Between Jointers and Planers

Are you curious about the differences between a jointer and a planer? George Vondriska explains how each of the tools work, how they differ, and how each is useful in its own way.

Spiral Cutterheads for the Jointer: Worth the Upgrade Price?

Nope, that’s certainly not your grandpa’s jointer cutterhead. It’s called a spiral cutterhead. It is a newer design that uses the concept of insert tooling rather than traditional straight knives installed in the cutterhead. Small square carbide cutters are placed in close proximity to one another along a machined spiral pattern in a steel head.…

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Woodworking Tricks of the Trade: Volume 2 DVD

DVD: Woodworking Tricks of the Trade: Volume 2 77 minutes. Chapter Topics: Shop-Made Lollipop for Bowl Turning Making Picture Frames on a Router Table Glue Gutters Sharpening a Router Bit Cleaning Your Saw Blades Bending Wood Outfeed Table Calibration on a Jointer Flattening Veneer Hanging Double Doors Square a Framing Square Flattening Wood With Your…

Edge to Edge Gluing: Perfect Jointer Cuts

Edge gluing comes into play in a variety of woodworking projects, and is an aspect of any project that can reveal the skill level of the craftsman who builds the project. A dead flat panel is impressive and indicates a high quality project. But let’s face it; if the panel has gaps or noticeable peaks…

Woodworking Tricks of the Trade: Volume 1 DVD

DVD: Woodworking Tricks of the Trade: Volume 1 82 minutes. Chapters Topics: Splinter-Free Table Saw Cuts Repairing Cracks with Baking Soda Battery Charger Rust Remover Square Joints Guaranteed Sharpening a Chisel Magnetic Stop Block Clamping Irregular Shaped Objects Rabbetting on a Jointer Tame Your Belt Sander Handy Metal Work Vise Turning a Cylinder with a…

Face Jointing in the Correct Direction

Owning a motorized jointer in your woodworking shop is a real game changer. It allows you to take an imperfect board, and create a perfectly flat faces and edges, whereas this would take much more skill and patience if you were stuck with only hand tools to perform these operations. While a motorized jointer is…