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Cascading Corner Shelf

This shelving project can add beauty to any corner as well as house your favorite collectibles. The alternating shelf directions seem to cascade their way down the corner creating a lightness and playfulness that make it a piece of art as well. I first saw a project similar to this one years ago and then…

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Advanced Hand-Held Router Techniques + DVD

You Get with Your Class

  • In-depth Instruction; over 90 minutes
  • On-demand video access anytime
  • Indefinite access. Pay once, view forever
  • DVD copy mailed (FREE SHIPPING in U.S.A.)
  • Bonus materials, including downloadable Class Guide and Resources
  • Access to Class-only Q&A with Instructors

Using Fence Support on Thin Material

When you’re using tools like a biscuit joiner, Festool Domino or dowel machine, they all have a commonality. They each have a fence that registers the tool on your work. We rely on the fence not only for registration, but also to keep the machine at the correct angle relative to the work. This becomes…

Countertop Connectors for Project Assembly

A client recently asked me to design a platform bed for him. Beds are always a challenge; because of the large size, they must always disassemble for transport and delivery yet be rock solid when set up. The large miter on the corner of the platform presented a particular problem. The long joint needed to…

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Build a Simple Dartboard Cabinet

When I added an electronic dartboard to my recently finished basement, I wanted to “class it up” a bit by building a cabinet to house the board. The cabinet serves a few important functions: It looks nice as it encloses the dartboard when not in use... Read more

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Ask WWGOA: Track Saw vs. Table Saw

Question: Has WWGOA done a piece on the Dewalt or other Track Saw? I’m evaluating table saws and a new tool has come to my attention, the Dewalt Track Saw. I’m looking for bang-for-the buck, with the desire to stay under $1,000. I have >1,000 sf to work with, but I will do most of…

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Modern Media Cabinet Part 4: Drawer Bank Construction and Assembly

In the previous installment of this project, we constructed the horizontal stretchers complete with tenons. Now we will focus on building the drawer bank using plywood joined with biscuits. We will also assemble the cabinet in two stages to simplify this otherwise complex glue-up. See Diagram C for details on construction of the drawer bank.…

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Meet the Woodworker: Paul Sellers

Meet Paul Sellers, winner of the “Best Hand Tool Blog” category in the 2016 WWGOA Blogger Awards! October 2016, WWGOA hosted a competition dedicated entirely to all those talented woodworkers out there who share their work with the blogosphere. We asked you to nominate and vote for your favorite bloggers, and now we’re thrilled to…

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The Ultimate Router Skills 5-Class Set (DVD + Streaming)

5-Class Set: The Ultimate Router Skills (DVD + Streaming Video) Router skills are among the most fundamental and important in maximizing your time and success in your wood shop. With this set, you’ll get in-depth instruction and new ideas related to router-based skills. Including detailed training with hand-held routers, router table essentials, and router table…