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  • Cut Leg Flutes

    Cut Leg Flutes Without a Chisel

    A well turned leg can make an ordinary leg extraordinary. To put the icing on the cake, just add flutes. Flutes are a decorative element that’s been around for thousands of years. Think of all those fluted columns scattered about ancient Greek and Roman ruins. The fact that fluting is still used today is a…

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  • Utility Blade Scraper: Make Your Own Cabinet Scraper

    I came up with this nifty tool out of necessity while doing a custom cabinet installation. I had to fabricate some pieces on the job and noticed that there were milling chatter marks and tool burns on some boards that I had to finish and get installed that day. I didn’t have a cabinet scraper…

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  • wood carving videos

    Wood Carving for Beginners: Tim’s Journey to Get Started as a Carver

    One hundred years ago, the north shore of Lake Superior was overrun with fisherman throwing out large nets and pulling up lake herring by the ton. These rugged men lived a hard life, pulling in their nets from the great lake. Now and then, one of the nets broke loose and the floats that held…

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