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  • Tips for Cutting Dovetail Sockets

    Tips for Cutting Dovetail Sockets

    George Vondriska teaches you a few essential woodworking techniques for cutting accurate dovetail sockets with a pull saw, including the professional way to lay out your lines, start each cut and use the saw properly. If you follow George’s instruction, you’ll end up with clean, great-looking dovetail sockets.

  • Making Edge Banding Flush

    How to Make Edge Banding Flush

    It’s not uncommon to use edge banding to put a clean edge on projects that use sheet stock. Unfortunately, the sheet stock and the hardwood edge banding are rarely the same size. Dave Munkittrick and George Vondriska show you how to make the edge banding flush with the sheet stock using a paint scraper and…

  • Restore Tools

    Refurbish a Classic Apron Plane

    Few tools are as simple and utilitarian as an apron plane. I had a $100 Lie-Neilson Apron Plane years ago, and it disappeared in my co-operative shop. Chamfering, trimming tenons and cleaning up tear-out are just three of the myriad uses for this little tool. I always wanted to replace it, but just never got…

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  • Hand Cutting Techniques: Stabilizing Material

    Hand Cutting Techniques: Stabilizing Material

    George Vondriska demonstrates easy hand cutting techniques for stabilizing your woodworking project when hand cutting isn’t quite working. By lowering the piece of wood in the vise, you will have more leverage with your hand saw and the wood won’t wiggle back and forth.

  • How to Sharpen a Paint Scraper

    How to Sharpen a Paint Scraper

    Save time and frustration by using a properly sharpened paint scraper when you shave down wood. Once you watch this quick video and learn how to sharpen a paint scraper and give it the proper burr, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Why a Paint Scraper? The advantage of a paint scraper over a…

  • Sharpening a Card Scraper

    Sharpening a Card Scraper

    Sharpening a card scraper is different than sharpening a bench chisel or plane iron. With a scraper, you are not trying to produce a razor-sharp edge. Your goal, instead, is to roll a burr onto the edge. It’s a small-scale version of the burr you get on a cold chisel after years of pounding on…

  • Throat Opening on a Block Plane

    Throat Opening on a Block Plane

    Controlling the throat opening of your block plane is important for easily switching between cutting on the end grain and long grain. Widening the opening when you are cutting on the long grain will yield thinner, consecutive strips so that the block plane doesn’t catch or get jammed. But, if you are working on the…

  • Chamfering with a Hand Plane

    Chamfering with a Hand Plane

    George Vondriska shows us how to quickly and easily remove sharp corners without having to set up a router. Practice chamfering with hand tools by using a hand plane to chamfer the edges of your woodworking projects.

  • Water Stone Holder

    Water Stone Holder

    George Vondriska introduces an elegant and simple solution for holding a water stone firmly to your work surface. With the water stone locked in place, you can focus all your energy on getting a great edge.

  • Shooting Board

    Shooting Board

    Want to smooth an end grain cut, clean up a 45º miter, or remove a skosh from a plywood panel? George Vondriska shows you how to make a bench-top shooting board and select the right hand plane to solve these and other problems you might encounter on your woodworking projects.