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  • Using Japanese Handsaws

    Tools We Love: Japanese Ryoba and Mini Dozuki Handsaws

    I would never call myself a woodworking purist. I have never flattened a broad plank of white oak with a scrub plane or hand cut a chest full of dovetails. That’s what power tools and jigs are for! But every once in a while I marvel at the efficiency of a beautifully designed hand tool.…

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  • Using Trammel Points from Rockler

    Trammel Points for Laying Out Large Curves and Circles

    When it comes to making BIG circles, you need a pair of trammel points. This set, sold by Rockler, is very nice. I really like the wooden handles and brass fittings. They not only look good, they also feel good in your hands, and work great for large radius projects. In the set, you get…

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  • Squaring a Table Saw Blade with a Rockler Japanese Square

    Tools We Love: Japanese Square

    Sometimes less really is more. This Japanese Square is perfect in so many ways. Made out of stainless steel, it is hefty enough to withstand daily use, but light enough to toss in an apron pocket. As opposed to other squares that have sliding straightedges, this square has a long, fixed foot that makes it…

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  • Brass set up gauges

    Tools We Love: Brass Set-Up Gauges

    My feeling is that every time you read a ruler you have the chance to make a mistake. That’s why I love using brass set-up bars whenever I can. By feeling from the top of the cutter to the top of the bar, I know the bit height is correct. This set includes five sizes;…

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  • 4 Must Have Electronic Gadgets

    4 Must-Have Electronic Gadgets

    The digital/electronic age has been with us for some time now. If it hasn’t found its way into your shop, you’re missing out. There are a variety of electronic gadgets you can use in the shop to make your work easier, and more accurate. Here are my fave four: Digital Fractional Calipers. Here’s an excellent…

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  • Essential woodworking accessories for your woodshop

    3 Essential Shop Accessories

    Three of my favorite shop accessories: A work apron, dust mop, and miter saw laser guide.I’m often surprised by how great an impact a small and simple shop accessory can have on my everyday woodworking life. I take these useful items for granted, but if they were “removed from the mix,” I would be lost.…

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  • My Three Favorite Measuring Tools

    My 3 Favorite Measuring Tools

    If you’re going to do woodworking, you’re going to have to measure stuff. Here are the three measuring tools I use the most, and why I like them. # 1. FastCap Lefty/Righty 16′ Tape Measure. I’ve used lots of tape measures, and this is one of the best. The white disc on the face is…

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  • My Fave-5: Second Tier Tools

    This story presents five of my favorite second tier tools. I call them “second tier tools” because they aren’t essential tools you need to set up a shop. However, they are high impact tools that are wonderfully useful and really make a difference in my woodworking endeavors. I think of them as the perfect shop…

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  • 3 Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

    I like tools, especially good-looking tools. Often I buy a tool solely based on looks. I know that’s a really bad criteria, but what can I say? I’m a sucker for a pretty tool! Some of the “cool” tools I buy never see the light of day, others I find moderately useful, and a rare few surprise the heck out of me as either being extremely useful or really well suited for a specific task. The latter is the category of tools I will share with you in this column.

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  • George’s Top 5 Must-Have Stationary Woodworking Tools for Your Workshop

    I’m asked all the time, “What’s the first tool I should get?” My tongue-in-cheek answer is, “A credit card with a high limit.” But since people really do want advice on stationary tool purchases, I’ve developed “George’s Top 5 List.” It’s important to understand that this is my list of preferred tools and there will…

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