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  • Versatility of a Surface Sander

    Versatility of a Surface Sander

    With all the woodworking tools on the market today, a surface sander may be towards the bottom of your “must own” list. However, after adding a surface sander to his shop, George Vondriska explains how it has quickly become one of his favorite woodworking tools. George takes you through how a surface sander can save…

  • Using a Clear-Cut Stock Guide from JessEm

    Tools We Love: JessEm Clear-Cut Stock Guides

    I’ve long wanted some type of hold-down hold-in system that was faster, easier, safer, and more flexible than the traditional feather boards. Here it is! Thank you JessEm for figuring this out. Plus these new clear-cut stock guides are darn cool looking… and I’m a sucker for cool looking tools! What they are The system…

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  • Wobble Dado Heads

    Wobble Dado Heads

    I find that I’m asked pretty frequently about wobble (adjustable) dado heads. You can’t blame folks for asking. A wobble head is a lot less expensive than a stackable head. So why don’t woodworkers use them much? About the Blade A wobble head consists of one blade mounted on a hub. Dialing the hub allows…

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  • DM SawStop 900

    Why I Bought a SawStop

    I recently bought a SawStop tablesaw. (Is that the sound of applause I’m hearing?) On the one hand, it was an easy decision. Who wouldn’t want the blade brake safety feature only SawStop offers. On the other hand, it wasn’t a snap decision. In fact, years went by between the time I first used a…

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  • Using a wooden scraper

    Tools We Love: A “Real” Burnisher Makes All the Difference

    I tried my hand at using a cabinet scraper a couple years ago and was frustrated that in spite of my best efforts to roll a proper burr on its edge, I just couldn’t tune the scraper to produce more than dust and the occasional wimpy shaving. I followed all the instructions, and did everything…

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  • Vix Bit Tools

    Self Centering Drill Bit: Vix Style

    Have you ever struggled to get all of the screw holes perfectly aligned when you are installing hinges? If you do not pre-drill your screw holes in the center of the mounting holes on the hinge, the hinge can be installed at a skewed angle, and/or the screw heads can fail to seat properly, making…

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  • fine woodworking

    Fine Woodworking Tools We Love: Jigsaw

    When I started woodworking, I had a lot of tools to acquire. Of course, the table saw was the first big purchase. After a while, I got a really nice sliding miter saw, and then a planer. One of the ‘big’ tools that took me a long time to acquire was a bandsaw. I love…

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  • Using Aircraft Drill Bits

    Extra Long Drill Bits for Deep Holes

    Long drill bits reach where ‘regular’ drill bits just can’t. Aircraft drill bits are long drill bits originally designed for use in the aircraft industry where they often need to drill holes reaching through deep cavities, and then through thin materials. I find them invaluable in my shop for drilling holes in tight spaces, and…

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  • Dremel

    Tools We Love: Dremel Multi-Max

    I saw this tool demonstrated at a home center last year and bought it on the spot. I have to say the honeymoon is still going between me and this tool because I keep finding new tasks for it. I originally bought it to cut baseboard in place so I could butt built-in bookcases against…

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  • Using Digital Tools in the Woodshop

    The Digital Revolution Finally Hits the Woodshop

    My “day job” in the software industry hits me with a constant barrage of innovation, at an exhilarating pace that I enjoy for the most part. In stark contrast, I have found the rate of innovation in woodworking to be, frankly, a yawner. For example, if you compare a table saw, band saw, jointer, etc.…

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