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  • Wobble Dado Heads

    Wobble Dado Heads

    I find that I’m asked pretty frequently about wobble (adjustable) dado heads. You can’t blame folks for asking. A wobble head is a lot less expensive than a stackable head. So why don’t woodworkers use them much? About the Blade A wobble head consists of one blade mounted on a hub. Dialing the hub allows…

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  • omnijig review

    Porter Cable Omnijig Review

    Although I normally cut dovetails with a Japanese saw and a set of quality chisels, I talk to a lot of woodworkers and I realize that the tedium of chopping dovetails by hand is not for everyone, particular those who have a large volume to cut with a deadline to meet. So I wanted to…

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  • General Mobile Base

    General Mobile Base

    Although I’ve been in and around woodshops for a really long time, or maybe because I’ve been in woodshops a really long time, I’m never positive the first place I position a tool is the best one. Lesson learned? Keep everything mobile. That’s where General International’s new Heavy Duty Mobile Base comes in. The base,…

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  • Cordless nailer

    The Case for Cordless Nail Guns

    I have been a big fan of pneumatic nail guns for years, and like many woodworkers I have an arsenal of guns that can shoot anything from a tiny pin to nearly a railroad spike. I marvel at the power and precision of these tools, but like anything they have their downsides. For example, I…

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  • Rockler cord and hose holder

    Rockler Cord and Hose Holder

    I love having dust collection connected to my portable power tools, but I hate tangling with the cords and hoses. Rockler’s new Cord and Hose Holder, $29.99, helps solve this problem. The Cord and Hose Holder is adjustable in height and rises to a maximum height of 40” above the bench. It’ll clamp to benches…

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  • Chip-Free Flush Trimming

    Chip-Free Flush Trimming

    Demonstrating on cathedral raised-panel doors, George Vondriska teaches you how to get a flush trim with a curved piece of wood to a pattern template using an Ultimate Trim Bit on the router table. His expert woodworking technique and this specialized router bit will guarantee you a smooth, chip-free flush trimming cut on both the…

  • Gauge Micro Pinner Review

    Gauge Micro Pinner Review

    Dave Munkittrick talks about why his 23 gauge micro pinner is one of his favorite woodworking tools. The nails are so small you don’t even need to cover the holes when using woods like oak, and they’re fantastic for small moldings on cabinets and bookshelves.

  • Versatility of a Panel Saw and Router Machine Combo

    Versatility of a Panel Saw and Router Machine Combo

    Most people think you can only use a panel saw to crosscut sheet stock. Today in the workshop, though, George Vondriska demonstrates some of the handy woodworking techniques you can employ with a combination panel saw and router machine. You can crosscut and make repetitive cuts on large sheets of plywood like you would on…

  • Why Do I Need 2 Marking Knives?

    Why Do I Need Two Marking Knives?

    Marking knives are really a great way to be precise with your layout because of how they incise a line across the face of the wood. But why do marking knives come both left handed and right handed? George Vondriska explains the features of both marking knives and the importance of having each in your…

  • How to Hollow Wood After a Turning

    How to Hollow Wood After a Turning

    George Vondriska demonstrates how to hollow wood and the benefits of using hollowing specific tools when turning items with a small neck hole to finish the interior of the turn. Learn a new turning technique as George delicately hollows the interior of a small flower pot.