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  • JET 22-44 Drum Sanders

    Two new versatile, production-class sanding machines – the JET 22-44 OSC Drum Sander, $2,451, and JET 22-44 Pro-3 Sander with Digital Readout, $2,647 – feature exclusive SandSmart variable feed control from 0 to 10 feet per minute. Variable feed control enables the operator to use the best sanding rate for each job and helps prevent…

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  • Kreg Multi-Purpose Push Stick

    The new Kreg Multi-Purpose Push Stick, $18, has built-in features that make it a good value and a handy tool. It’s more like a small tool kit than a simple push stick. The on board steel rule can be used as a depth gauge for setting cutter height. A built in pencil holder keeps your…

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  • The Festool OF 2200 Plunge Router Reviews

    The Perfect Combination of Brains and Brawn. Festool’s OF 2200, $800, is a big router with a light touch. Weighing in at over 17 pounds, the OF 2200 sports a 3-1/4 hp (18-amp) motor to power through just about any routing task–from deep pocket mortises to heavy molding cuts. But the beauty of this beast…

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    5 Expensive, But Worth Every Penny Woodworking Tools

    These expensive woodworking tools pay for themselves in accuracy and efficiency. I’ve been building custom furniture for many years and, like most of you, I’ve acquired my woodworking tools as I can afford them. The tools in this list might seem expensive, quirky, and even redundant, but stay with me and I’ll prove their worth.…

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