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  • Reviewing the Router Table Box Joint Jig

    Rockler Box Joint Jig

    The new Router Table Box Joint Jig from Rockler, $79.99, looks easy to use. Once it’s secured on your router table (the table must have a 3/4″ miter slot), an aluminum index key is used for positioning. The right angle backer acts like a miter gauge to guide the material past the router bit. The…

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  • Reviewing Fast Caps Artisan Accent caps

    FastCap’s Accent Caps

    The look of a pinned mortise and tenon joint is classic. FastCap has provided a new way to achieve this time tested look. Their Artisan Accent caps look like an ebony pin that you’ve carefully tapped into place, cut, and sanded, but are significantly easier to use. Start by tapping a recess using a 5/16″…

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  • Reviewing the Grizzly G0700 Table Saw

    Grizzly Sliding Table Saw – Amazing Price

    Grizzly has again done something that they’re great at making what looks like an amazing tool at what I know is an amazing price. Their new G0700 table saw, $2,795, is a 10″ sliding table saw with a 5 hp motor and built in scoring blade. And, unlike some sliding saws, this saw will accept…

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  • Using the Feather Guard Router Table Guard

    Feather Guard Router Table Guard

    The new Feather Guard from Sommerfeld Tools, $24.90, is a two-for-one deal. It serves as both a feather board and a bit guard. It works great for jobs like raised panels, affectively covering even massive horizontal panel raisers. And instead of setting my table up with two feather boards, one on the infeed side and…

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  • Using Geckos Toes to Keep Your Hose Organized

    Gecko’s Toes for Air Hose Holder

    Keeping an air hose neatly stored in the shop can be a problem. It’s not uncommon for it to end up in a rat’s nest on the floor and you’ve got to unravel it each time you need to use it. If you want to get better organized, add Gecko’s Toes to your shop. This…

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  • My Three Favorite Measuring Tools

    My 3 Favorite Measuring Tools

    If you’re going to do woodworking, you’re going to have to measure stuff. Here are the three measuring tools I use the most, and why I like them. # 1. FastCap Lefty/Righty 16′ Tape Measure. I’ve used lots of tape measures, and this is one of the best. The white disc on the face is…

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  • Reviewing the Infinity Dado Gauge

    Infinity Dado Gauge

    It’s easy to spend lots of time setting up a stackable dado head, searching for the perfect combination of rim blades, chippers, and shims to match the thickness of material you’re working with. Infinity Tools has come up with a good solution for this problem. Their Dado Gauge, $30, to be used in conjunction with…

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  • Reviewing the SensGard Zem Hearing Protectors

    SensGard’s Zem Hearing Protectors

      Scientific Hearing Protection – Noise Canceling Technology Without the Batteries. Industrialization brought loud noises into a relatively quiet world. The first hearing protection was right at hand: fingers or hands were employed to either plug or cover the ears. These early devices worked OK, but made it hard to work while they were being…

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  • FastCap’s Folding Chisels and More

    Back in my construction days, I struggled keeping a sharp chisel in my apron. First, it was an abusive environment that quickly dulled the chisel. Second, when the chisel was nice and sharp, the cutting tip quickly worked its way through my leather apron, leaving big holes behind. FastCap’s new Pocket Chisels solve this problem.…

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  • The SawStop Contractor Saw

    Cabinet Saw Features and Performance Plus Unmatched Safety. SawStop’s new Contractor Saw is the safest contractor saw on the market. That’s a given, considering that SawStop’s patented safety system is built into every saw it sells (see Safety section). While the safety system and the famous hot dog demos may be the stars of show,…

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