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  • Reviewing the Veritas 14 Tpi Dovetail Saw

    Veritas 14-tpi Dovetail Saw

    I must be honest; I don’t hand cut dovetails, but I do use a dovetail saw to make fine, straight, and very accurate cuts on other types of woodworking joints. For those cuts, nothing but a quality dovetail saw will suffice. And as long as I’m being honest, I’ll admit one more thing; this saw…

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  • Reviewing the SuperMax 37-Inch Drum Sander

    SuperMax 37-Inch Drum Sander

    George’s review of the Performax 22-44 was so popular we thought it might interest our readers to hear about the advantages a larger machine offers. This is a review of the SuperMax 37; a machine that shares a lot of great features with the Performax 22-44, including variable speed feed rate, a non-slip conveyor belt,…

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  • Reviewing the Hitachi NT50GS Gas Finish Nailer

    Hitachi Gas Finish Nailer

    There are some tools where being tethered by an air line or electrical cord can just drive you nuts. Nailers fall into that category. Even in the shop, where a compressor may be close by, having a nailer on an air hose can be like having an unruly dog on a leash. No fun. But…

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  • Using Rocklers Bench Cookies

    Rockler Bench Cookies

    There’s nothing more frustrating than chasing your work across the shop while you’re trying to work on it. The obvious solution is clamping the work to your bench, but then you end up with the clamp in your way. If only there was an effective way to stick your work to the bench with no…

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  • Reviewing the G0703 Cyclone Dust Collector

    Grizzly Cyclone Dust Collector

    Cyclonic dust collectors are a Holy Grail of woodworking. They really do a great job of grabbing dust, and they typically do an equally great job of grabbing space in your shop. The new G0703 Cyclone Dust Collector from Grizzly, $850, has a small footprint; 38-1/4″ long, 23-1/4″ wide, and 65-1/2″ tall. Not bad for…

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  • Reviewing the Performax 22-44 Plus Drum Sander

    Jet 22-44 Plus Drum Sander

    I enjoy having the chance to write up the new products I see, but what those reviews lack, is any kind of long term testing. I love having the chance to use a tool for a while, then write about it. This is the case with the Performax 22-44 Plus Drum Sander. I’ve had one…

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  • ask wwgoa

    Shop Coat for Dust

    “I have recently had pulmonary issues, making dust my arch enemy. Is there a shop coat that is made of a material like Tyvek that would resist dust adhering to it, as well as being light weight and washable?” Submitted by: billp48 WWGOA Editor Response: The closest thing I’ve seen to what you’re describing is…

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  • Reviewing the General Mini-Lathe Duplicator

    General’s Mini-Lathe Duplicator

    If you’re concerned that your turning skills may not be adequate to make perfect duplicate spindles, General International has your problem solved. Their new Mini-Lathe Duplicator, $200, is specifically designed to easily fasten to most mini-lathes with cast bedways, and allow you to make duplicate spindles from either an existing turning, or from a pattern.Like…

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  • Delta Midi Lathes

    The newest Delta midi lathe pack big features. Have a look, first, at the Midi Lathe 46-460, $599. Electronic variable speed on this machine allows you to dial in the rpms, from 250-4000. There’s no easier way to change speed on a lathe than electronic variable speed. It’s uncommon to see such a low rpm…

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  • Reviewing DeWalt Miter and Table Saw Blades

    DeWALT Miter and Table Saw Blades

    Is DeWALT now on the cutting edge? They appear to be with their new line of table saw and miter saw blades. While it’s always difficult to test the quality of cutting tools, it looks like DeWALT did a nice job on these blades. The cuts they were making in their AWFS booth, in hardwoods,…

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