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  • Build with a Biscuit Joiner

    This is the second in a two-part series on biscuit joiners. The first article provided instruction on using the machine. This article covers real-world applications of biscuits. View part one of the story here. You can also view a companion video to this article. Edge band the shelves. Biscuits can be used to apply edge…

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  • Reviewing the Porter Cable Pin Nailer and Pancake Compressor Combo

    Porter Cable Pin Nailer and Pancake Compressor Combo

    I blame it on Norm. Ever since I saw him “shoot a couple brads to hold things together until the glue dries” some 15 years ago, I have been fascinated with pneumatic nail guns. I feel almost superhuman as I drive 2+ inch nails into rock maple in a split second, perfectly countersunk, and without…

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  • Using a Combo Blade to Rip and Crosscut

    3 Great Table Saw Blades

    One of the coolest table saws I ever saw was an old Oliver (and I mean old). Turning a crank on the front of the machine rotated one blade out of the way under the table and brought another one up. What an easy way to change blades… no wrench required. For the rest of…

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  • Reviewing the DeWALT Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggles

    DeWALT Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggles

    Pet Peeve # 173: Safety goggles that fog up when I wear a dust mask with them. I like to wear a dust mask when I am making sawdust, but I commonly have to choose between shielding my eyes and protecting my lungs, which is a horrible choice to have to make. I have at…

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  • Reviewing the Makita LS1040 10

    Makita LS1040 10″ Compound Miter Saw

    I wasn’t asking for much as I hunted for a new miter saw. I simply wanted a unit that was rock solid with no slop in any moving part, super lightweight for portability, easy to adjust, precise locking locations for common cuts, high powered, and under $200. I was willing to forego the depth capacity…

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  • painters pyramid

    Painter’s Pyramids – Reworked

    It’s a simple enough concept. Elevate your work above the bench when you’re finishing, and you’ll get to the finish line faster. You can apply finish to the back, flip the project, and get started on the front without standing around watching finish dry. Plus, it’s just plain easier to finish your projects when they’re…

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  • Reviewing the Porter Cable Pin Nailer

    Porter Cable Pin Nailer

    Have you tried a headless pin nailer yet? They’re really amazing. The 23-gauge pin they drive is so tiny you barely need to putty the hole it leaves. Porter Cable’s new PIN138 Nailer handles 23-gauge headless or slight head pins from 5/8″ to 1-3/8″ long. It’s cool that it takes both types of 23-gauge pins,…

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  • Reviewing the Delta 18-Inch Drill Press

    Delta 18″ Drill Press

    For many years drill presses have been made for metal working, more so than wood working. Delta’s new 18″ drill press is designed with the wood shop in mind. The table is big (14″ x 20″), which you’re gonna appreciate the next time you need to get a large project on the delta drill press.…

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  • DeWALT Trim Router

    Trim routers are seeing a come back in the woodworking industry. It’s easy to understand why. They’re light, can be handled with one hand, and offer more and more features all the time. DeWALT’s new DW611PK kit gives you fixed base and plunge base capabilities, further increasing the versatility of a trim router.The DW611PK provides…

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  • Using the Rockler Pizza Cutter Kit

    Rockler Pizza Cutter Kit

    No matter how you slice it, everyone loves pizza. I see Rockler’s new Pizza Cutter Kit having great potential as a gift. The cutter has a great feel to it, very industrial (4″ diameter, stainless steel), and once you turn a custom handle for it you’ll have a regular work of art. What’s cool about…

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