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  • Orbit sander

    New Low-Vibration, High-Quality Random Orbital Sander from Bosch

    Bosch ROS65VCL-6 Review In spite of the fact that I use a ROS quite a bit, and have had a love/hate relationship with this tool category. I enjoy the benefits of fast, swirl free sanding, but the gyroscope effect from most of the units that I have used leaves me feeling beat up after a…

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  • I-Socket Vacuum Automator

    I-Socket Vacuum Automator

      Tools We Love Until I bought this handy device, I’d hardly ever hook my vacuum up to my tools because it was too much bother. Then I’d find myself spending way too much time vacuuming up the mess later. The I-Socket solved my problem, and it’s effortless. It’s a cool plug-in device that automatically…

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  • Reviewing the Grizzly 8 Jointer

    Grizzly 8″ Jointer Model 490X Review: Part 2

    Part 2: Review of Functionality, Quality, and Performance In part one of this review I explained my rationale behind choosing this tool, and gave some perspective on the set up process. Now I will take a look at some of the machine’s key attributes and put it through a few shop tests. Vibration problem turned…

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  • Grizzly 8″ Jointer Model 490X Review: Part 1

    PART 1: GRIZZLY JOINTER SELECTION, RECEIVING, AND INITIAL SETUP I bought my 6″ jointer in June of 1997, and outgrew it by January of 1998. I have been researching and planning for my upgrade to an 8″ model ever since. I like to put myself through something of a “cooling off” period when I get…

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  • Reviewing the Woodmaster 718

    Woodmaster 718 Review Part 2: Sanding, Ripping, and Molding

    In the first installment of this review, I looked at the set up of the Woodmaster 718, shared some initial impressions, and shared the results of my planing tests. In this segment I will look at the remaining functions that the 718 performs; drum sanding, gang ripping and molding, and will also share some observations…

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  • Woodworking Project Book with Ideas for the Woodshop

    Great Woodworking Project Book

    Here’s a great new project book from Spike Carlsen. Although it leans toward simple projects, even an experienced woodworker will glean good info from the text and photos.The book contains a boat load of handy projects. They’re simple to build, and most use materials you can easily get from home centers. The drawings are well…

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  • Reviewing the FastCap Junior Size Safety Glasses

    Kid-Size Safety Glasses

    If you’ve got kids working with you in the shop, you want them to be safe. And number one in safety is safety glasses. But safety glasses that aren’t comfortable won’t be worn, and safety glasses that don’t fit right aren’t really all that safe. To protect the little eyes in your shop check out…

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  • Reviewing the Hock One-Inch Carving Knife

    Hock Tools: 1″ Carving Knife and Plane Blade

    While I don’t consider myself a “real carver”, I find myself applying details on a regular basis that are too fine for power tools. In these situations, I have generally reached for a utility blade, pocket knife, chisel, or whatever other sharp object is within my reach, to attempt the task. Every time I have…

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  • Bosch Sliding Miter Saw

    Bosch Sliding Miter Saw That Isn’t a Slider

    I love the capacity I get from a sliding miter saw. Where most miter saws cross cut to 6″ – 8″, a sliding saw can crosscut out to 12-1/2″ or so. Very useful in the shop. What I don’t like about sliding saws is their mongo footprint. You’ve got to have a lot of real…

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  • Reviewing the General International Hybrid Saw 50-200R M1

    New Table Saw from General

    Here’s the deal. Contractor saws offer mobility and are typically plug and play, meaning you can plug them into a 110-volt outlet and you’re good to go. Cabinet saws generally have better dust collection, are heavier and harder to move than contractor saws, and usually require a 220-volt circuit. A while back the tool engineers…

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