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  • Rockler cord and hose holder

    Rockler Cord and Hose Holder

    I love having dust collection connected to my portable power tools, but I hate tangling with the cords and hoses. Rockler’s new Cord and Hose Holder, $29.99, helps solve this problem. The Cord and Hose Holder is adjustable in height and rises to a maximum height of 40” above the bench. It’ll clamp to benches…

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  • Gauge Micro Pinner Review

    Gauge Micro Pinner Review

    Dave Munkittrick talks about why his 23 gauge micro pinner is one of his favorite woodworking tools. The nails are so small you don’t even need to cover the holes when using woods like oak, and they’re fantastic for small moldings on cabinets and bookshelves.

  • Tool Actuated Vacuum Review

    Tool Actuated Vacuum Review

    Tool actuated vacuums are an excellent way to keep your woodworking shop clean and free of sawdust. George Vondriska recommends this type of vacuum because you can plug a portable power tool directly into the machine, so the vacuum turns on and off with the tool and you don’t have to worry about dust filling…

  • Mixing Mate

    New Product: Mixing Mate

    This looks, to me, like a great problem solver from Rockler. It’s the Mixing Mate. It’s job? To help you thoroughly, and neatly, mix finishes before you apply them. It’s like a blender for your shop. The Mixing Mate is available in two sizes, quart and gallon, and will go directly on top of the…

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  • Joint Making Tips and Tools

    Domino XP500 Review

    In the 21st Century it is rare that a tool can revolutionize a wood joinery technique, yet the Festool Domino does just that. It borrows the portability and engineered fasteners from the biscuit jointer, and the robust joints created by a slot mortiser to result in a super-efficient joint making machine. The first time I…

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  • Grizzly Jointer Review

    Grizzly 8″ Jointer Model 490X Review: One Year Later

    Tool reviews are great as they help us make purchasing decisions, but what is normally missing is a retrospective view. Sure, it looked great in the initial evaluation, but how did it hold up in production, and how well did it meet the owner’s initial expectations over time? In that light, I wanted to provide…

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  • plunge base

    Bosch PR011 Plunge Base for the Bosch Colt

    Here’s a new addition for the popular Bosch Colt trim router; a plunge base, $99.00. The base offers a very fine depth of cut adjustment system, a clear sub-base, and a 7-position depth stop, two of which are adjustable. This base is a great addition to a very nice router. In addition to being sold…

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  • Moisture Meter

    General MMD7NP Moisture Meter

    Nobody wants to have cupping or warping in their woodworking projects. One of the best ways to avoid these problems is to make sure that your material is at the correct moisture content when you use it. How to make that happen? A moisture meter.The new MMD7NP meter from General, $49.99, is pinless and, according…

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  • Silicone glue

    Rockler Glue System

    I’m always looking a for better way to control the application of glue. Rockler has hit a home run with their new system, $14.99. The brush works great for getting glue into most commonly glued spots, the paddle on the end of the brush works well for joints like finger joints, and the toothed spreader…

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  • A Better Push Stick from ADS

    A Better Push Stick from ADS

    Ripping thin strips on a table saw is a precarious operation so it is critical to use good safety equipment. Watch as Paul Mayer reviews an innovative push stick design from ADS.