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  • Reviewing Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blades

    Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blades

    My peers keep telling me how great these bandsaw blades are, so I figured it was time to put them to the test. I experimented with the following three bandsaw blades: VPC SERIES– 3/4″ x 2/3 tpi (teeth per inch) x .025″ thick, variable tooth design for straight-line resawing in kiln and air drying small…

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  • Reviewing the Freud LUK79R007 Circular Saw Blade

    Freud Plywood and Melamine Circular Saw Blade

    Most of us need to rough cut sheet goods done to manageable sizes before getting them on to the table saw for final sizing. The challenge is in getting a cut from a circular saw that doesn’t look like a beaver chewed through your expensive sheet stock. Freud’s Ultimate Plywood and Melamine blade, $50, promises…

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  • Reviewing the G0706 Jointer from Grizzly

    New Grizzly Jointer

    With a 12″ cutterhead, Grizzly’s newest jointer provides plenty of width, without taking up an aircraft carrier’s worth of length in your shop. The bed is a convenient 60″ long.Wide jointers are a real benefit when it comes to face jointing wood, which is the best way to guarantee that the material you’re using is…

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  • Reviewing No-Sharpen Lathe Chisels from Easy Wood Tools

    No-Sharpen Carbide Lathe Chisels

    When I’m teaching students to use a lathe, sharpening is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. Like any woodworking tool, a sharp chisel is much easier and safer to use than a dull one. You just can’t expect good cut quality, or an enjoyable turning experience, from a dull chisel. Unfortunately, lots of turners…

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  • Reviewing the Pinewood Forge Hook Knife

    Pinewood Forge Hook Knife

    While I am not an avid carver, I enjoy dabbling in it occasionally, and on a whim, I recently made a first attempt at carving a spoon. While I was reasonably pleased by the results, I was frustrated by the challenge of getting a consistent shape and smooth bottom to the bowl of the spoon.…

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  • Reviewing the Delta

    Delta 12-1/2″ Midi-Lathe Model #46-460

    Compact lathes were an instant success when they first hit the market. Their low cost and portability opened the doors to prospective turners who lacked the funds or space required for full size lathes. Unlike most of us as we mature over the years, compact lathes have grown in power, capacity and refinement without putting…

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  • ask wwgoa

    Preparing Stiles and Rails for Raised Panel Doors

    “When preparing stiles and rails for raised panel doors, my work is frequently plagued by tear out on the edges. This becomes readily apparent on the long cut, where there is a thin section on the back side of approximately 1/16″ and the edge of the curved section on the face side. The type of…

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  • Using Minwax Water Based Wipe-On Poly

    Minwax Water Based Wipe-On Poly

    I was excited to try this stuff when I first saw it on the internet. My reasons? Well… since moving my shop to our home, I can no longer use “stinky” finishes, plus, I really like the smoothness of wipe-on finishes, and I especially like the look of clear water-based finishes on unstained wood–so this…

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  • Reviewing the Leigh Hold-Down Clamps

    Leigh Hold-Down Clamps

    I think it’s brilliant! If a clamp works well securing material on a dovetail jig, why not use it at the bench? That’s what Leigh did by converting the material clamps from their dovetail and FMT jigs into bench hold down clamps. Leigh’s Hold-Down Clamps, $49.95, can be mounted to any surface because they’re available…

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  • Reviewing the Veritas 14 Tpi Dovetail Saw

    Veritas 14-tpi Dovetail Saw

    I must be honest; I don’t hand cut dovetails, but I do use a dovetail saw to make fine, straight, and very accurate cuts on other types of woodworking joints. For those cuts, nothing but a quality dovetail saw will suffice. And as long as I’m being honest, I’ll admit one more thing; this saw…

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