Power Tool Woodworking

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  • Table saw Fence Setup Jig

    Table Saw Fence Setup Jig Tip

    Many times I need to rip some pieces, and may need to rip the same size pieces later, after moving the fence. I came up with the setup in the picture. Just slide the setup jig against the fence, and tighten the knob enough to lock the sliding arm to the piece in the miter…

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  • Table Saw Fence Setting

    Super Accurate Table Saw Fence Setting

    Sometimes cumulative error can be your worst enemy, and other times it can be your best friend. You’ll love it when you use it to set your table saw fence! When you’re done you’ll have set your fence five times more accurately than any other way I know. Here’s what you do: Set your saw…

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  • Creative Designs with Router Templates

    Using a Router and Template to Make Creative Designs. I would like to share some thoughts about creating repetitive designs with a router and a template. To make a template, we embrace the skills of our ancestors – the pattern makers. I am referring to the folks who carved patterns by hand, before the age…

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  • 6 Router Safety Tips

    Whether you’re a seasoned woodworker, or just starting out, these router safety tips will help you work safer in your shop. I’ve been a woodworker for 30 years, and trust me… I’ve made every mistake told here at least once. Fortunately, other than bruised pride and wasting some wood, I haven’t been hurt. Keep yourself…

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