Woodturning Techniques

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  • Captive Ring Out of Spindle Turning

    Captive Ring Out of Spindle Turning

    There aren’t many woodworking techniques that will draw more ooh’s and aah’s from your woodworking buddies than a captive ring turned on a spindle. George Vondriska demonstrates the mysterious technique in this clip. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video.

  • CA Glue as a Pen Finish

    CA Glue as a Pen Finish

    George Vondriska shows you how to use CA glue as a great alternative wood finish for the pens that you turn. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original.

  • Bowl Turning Paper Joints

    Bowl Turning Paper Joints

    George Vondriska teaches you how to use a paper joint for your bowl turning. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video.

  • Pen Turning Techniques

    Pen Turning Techniques

    Making pens and pencils on the lathe is a lot of fun and easy once you know a few of the woodworking tricks. George Vondriska provides you with a complete shopping list of what you’ll need to turn slimline (7 mm) pens and pencils, and takes you through what you need to know to turn shop scraps into beautiful writing implements.

    Material selection, best tools to use, turning, sanding, and finishing tricks, it’s all here. And you’re going to love making pens and pencils. Write on!

  • ask wwgoa

    Making Your Own Turning Blanks

    “I had a nice cherry tree go down in my back woods that I would like to use for turning blanks. It is about a foot to 10” across. What is the best way to dry something like this? WWGOA Editor Response: If you want to turn the pieces as logs, which would make natural…

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  • ask wwgoa

    Separating Bowl Turning Paper Joints

    “How do you separate a bowl turning paper joint and which glue is best?” Submitted by: ebjuel WWGOA Editor Response: After the bowl has been sanded and finished, with the bowl still on the lathe, place the point of a wide bench chisel (1″ or more) directly on the paper seam in the paper joint.…

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  • ask wwgoa

    Turning Tapered Spindles

    “I need to turn several tapered spindles to create karate staffs. They are 1/4″ wide at one end and 1″ at the other end. Each staff is 36″ long. I will connect them with pool cue connectors in the middle. They need to be consistent in weight and taper. Any ideas?” Submitted by: Bflodder WWGOA…

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  • How to turn a spindle on a lathe

    Spindle Turning Basics

    Lathe turning can be lots of fun, but I know that some woodworkers are intimidated by the prospect of a piece of wood spinning against a tool at a high rpm. This article will help you overcome some of those concerns and, hopefully, help turn you on to turning. It’ll take you through safely mounting…

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