• Tool Set Up and Maintenance DVD

    DVD: Tool Set Up and Maintenance 99 minutes. Chapter Topics: Your Tool Set-Up & Maintenance Kit Table Saw Blade Parallel to the Fence Lubricating the Table Top Miter Gauge Square to Blade Calibrating the Fence Cursor Cleaning & Lubricating the Saw Infrastructure Jointer Replacing Knives Setting Outfeed Table Height Calibrating Cutting Depth Indicator Checking for…

  • Woodworking Shop Tips & Tricks 4-DVD Boxed Set

    4-DVD Set: Woodworking Shop Tips & Tricks Boxed Set PLUS FREE GIFT: Your Free Our Best Jigs & Tool Add-ons Book ($8 Value) will be automatically added to your order when you purchase this set. Get it now! Your time is precious, especially when you’re in your workshop. Now, you can make every minute count…

  • Using a 4 Jaw Chuck When Turning a Bowl

    Woodturning is a blast, and we at WWGOA love to make videos that cover lathe techniques. But like anything worthwhile, there is some setup involved before the real fun can begin. With woodturning one of the key steps is to get your work piece mounted securely on the lathe. There are numerous ways that this…

  • Turning Bowls from Laminated Beams

    Wood turners are consistently a resourceful bunch, particularly when it comes to sourcing materials for their next turning project. We’ve seen George turn everything from synthetic countertop material to deer antler, and now his latest choice might be his most outrageous selection yet as he turns a beautiful bowl from a section of laminated beam…

  • Sanding and Polishing Soapstone on the Lathe

    Amaze all your woodworking buddies by showing off a perfectly polished soapstone project! George Vondriska teaches you how to properly sand a piece of soapstone and polishing soapstone with a rubbing compound from an auto parts store to remove all the sanding scratches and make the unique patterns of your soapstone pop.

  • Custom Wood Travel Mug Using Stave Construction

    Woodworkers are constantly on the lookout for good projects that can be built quickly and given as gifts to friends and family members. This custom wooden travel mug project scores a bullseye on that front, providing a highly coveted item that will be useful to any person on your list. The project features stave construction,…

  • Hand-Held Router Techniques

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  • Electric Chainsaw + Log = Wood Turning Blanks

    Bowl turners are typically scroungers. They’re constantly on the lookout for cool looking logs they can turn into bowls. Once you’ve got the log, how do you handle it to easily and safely turn it into a wood turning blank? Here’s one approach. Why Logs? When a tree is first cut down, the wood will…

  • How to Make a Dibble

    How to Make a Dibble for Gardening Using a Lathe

    If you, or someone you know, dabbles in gardening, you need to learn how to make a dibble for the dabbler. A dibble is used for planting; it’s very helpful for producing a hole for a bulb or seed, and getting the hole just the right depth. Lathe work Learning how to make a dibble…

  • Turning Large Wooden Bowls

    Turning large wooden bowls is a blast! However it requires some special set up. In this instructional video the bowl blank started as a log, which is then mounted on a four-jaw chuck for turning. We’ll provide you with what you need to know about special requirements for turning large wooden bowls. Important aspects of…