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  • Cleaning a Rusty Table

    Cleaning a Rusty Table

    George Vondriska demonstrates the best way to remove rust from a cast-iron tool table. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video.

  • Circle Jig on the Bandsaw

    Circle Jig on the Bandsaw

    George Vondriska shows his shop-made circle jig solution for cutting a perfect circle on a band saw. A WoodWorkers Guild of America original video.

  • Bandsaw Resawing

    George Vondriska provides instruction on how to select the proper side of the wood to cut a veneer, and which band saw blade will help you cut a great piece of veneer for your woodworking projects. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video. Band saw blade provided by PS Wood Machines. For more information,…

  • Easier Clamping on a Band Saw Table

    Easier Clamping on a Bandsaw Table

    It can be tricky to clamp fences and jigs to the top of a cast iron band saw table because the webbing on the underside of the table gets in the way of your clamps. Fear not, George Vondriska teaches you a simple technique to create a flush surface on the bottom of your band…

  • Log Cookies on Your Bandsaw

    Log Cookies on Your Bandsaw

    I recently received a request from a co-worker to supply 30 log slices – about 8″ in diameter and 1-1/2″ thick. Her plan was to use them as a base for candles on the dining tables at her wedding reception. I have to say, the concept went past me until we attended her wedding. The…

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  • Easy Resawing

    Easy Resawing

    In my experience, resawing on a bandsaw is one of those things that makes smoke come out of woodworkers’ ears. It can, admittedly, be tough to get perfect, especially if you have to go through the steps required for drift compensation. (Sometimes you get the drift, sometimes you don’t.) Here’s what’ll save your resaw bacon.…

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