Below are our most popular woodworking sanding videos. Learn how to sand wood propularly using both handsanders and powersanders. Learn fine detail sanding techniques while avoiding mistakes.

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  • Master the belt sander

    How to Use a Belt Sander Like a Pro

    Many woodworkers are afraid of using a belt sander, and you can’t blame them. Used incorrectly, a belt sander can ruin, in seconds, a project that you spent days building. I’ve succeeded in making some reasonably flat boards into moonscapes, thanks to improper use of a belt sander. But I’ve learned from this, and want…

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  • Hand Abrasive Planer

    I reach for my hand abrasive planer whenever I need to flush up hardwood edging to a veneered surface, sand a table top, or flatten figured wood. It never leaves tear-out like my iron planes and it never creates dips and divots like my power sanders can. I also use it to joint the edges…

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