Below are our most popular woodworking sanding videos. Learn how to sand wood propularly using both handsanders and powersanders. Learn fine detail sanding techniques while avoiding mistakes.

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  • Premium Sanding Blocks Make Short Work of Surface Prep

    This article explores two products that improve both the quality and performance of hand sanding: The Preppin’ Weapon by Time Saver Tools and the SandDevil by SandDevil USA. Do they take the drudgery out of hand sanding?

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  • Versatility of a Surface Sander

    Versatility of a Surface Sander

    With all the woodworking tools on the market today, a surface sander may be towards the bottom of your “must own” list. However, after adding a surface sander to his shop, George Vondriska explains how it has quickly become one of his favorite woodworking tools. George takes you through how a surface sander can save…

  • Wood Finishing Tips: Using Kraft Paper for a Smooth Finish

    Wood Finishing Tips: Using Kraft Paper for a Smooth Finish

    George Vondriska demonstrates one of his expert wood finishing tips that you might not have considered. He teaches you how to use a piece of kraft paper or the brown paper grocery bag you have in your kitchen drawer when you want to remove an overly glossy or textured finish from your project. The kraft…

  • Get More Mileage Out of Your Sandpaper

    Get More Mileage Out of Your Sandpaper

    You may have thought that you can only use an abrasive cleaning stick to keep your power sander clean, but George Vondriska is here to teach you how to utilize that same tool on the sandpaper that you use for hand sanding to remove sawdust from the pores and help it last even longer.

  • Dust Collection & Random Orbit Sander Buying Advice

    Dust Collection and Random Orbit Sander Buying Advice

    You can make your woodworking career last longer and your finished pieces look sharper if you invest in good dust collection options for your random orbit sander. George Vondriska gives you some expert buying advice for finding and operating sanders and dust collectors that will help you to improve the quality of your work, maximize…

  • Make a Random Orbit Sander

    Make a Random Orbit Sander

    If you already have a random orbit sander in your workshop and are looking for an easy-to-make hand sander, George Vondriska has just what you need. Using a piece of MDF, you can build a sturdy hand sander with strips of Velcro and one of the sandpaper disks that comes with your random orbit sander.

  • Tips for Using a Random Orbit Sander

    Tips for Using a Random Orbit Sander

    A random orbit sander is a must have tool in your woodworking shop and a great way to sand most woodworking projects. George Vondriska explains the benefits and features of a random orbit sander and the correct way to use this helpful tool. Random Orbit Sander ROS65VC provided by Bosch. For more information, visit…

  • Wood Sanding Techniques: Sanding in Tight Places

    Wood Sanding Techniques: Sanding in Tight Places

    Don’t start finishing your next project until you check out this useful tip. It’s common to find glue squeeze-out in very tight places of your woodworking project. George Vondriska demonstrates a clever wood sanding technique to not only identify where the glue is, but also how to use a detailed sander to remove it. MX30…

  • Custom Profile Sanding Block

    Custom Profile Sanding Block

    For irregularly shaped woodworking pieces with sloped sides and sharp edges, your typical random orbit sander may not do the trick. So George Vondriska teaches you how to create a custom profile sanding block using auto body filler, wax paper and pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) sandpaper.

  • Sanding Techniques - Know Your True Grit

    Sanding Techniques: Know Your True Grit

    Did you remember to bring your sanding equipment? You’re going to need if for this week’s sanding techniques. Dave Munkittrick teaches you a simple memory trick that he likes to use when he is sanding his woodworking projects. Rather than leaving a project overnight, coming back to it in the morning and guessing which grit…