Gluing and Clamping

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  • Preventing Clamp Scars

    Preventing Clamp Scars

    Dress for Success – Preventing Clamp Scars. I’m often asked to repair furniture for friends and family. I guess they figure if I can build a chair, I ought to be able to repair one as well. Handscrews are my clamp of choice when it comes to fixing a split spindle or leg. Because I’m…

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  • Clamping wood

    Use Chamfers to Hide a Poorly Aligned Panel Glue-Up

    Small chamfers fix a gluing mistake.I’m under the gun. This small end table is the perfect gift for an old college friend, but I only have a couple of days left to complete the task. The only thing left before finishing is to square up and sand the top. Aaaagh! In my haste, I haven’t…

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