Furniture Making

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  • Tapering Furniture Legs on a Band Saw

    Tapering Furniture Legs on a Bandsaw

    Here’s a simple way to produce tapers for furniture legs. No specialized jigs required. Just a band saw equipped with the right blade, and you’re good to go. Related Videos: Making A Tapered Leg Jig Using A Table Saw Laying Out A Two-Sided Tapered Leg

  • Using Figure 8 Table Top Fasteners

    Using Figure 8 Table-Top Fasteners

    Figure 8 fasteners provide a great way to attach solid wood tops to furniture bases. This is a method that’ll help ensure the solid wood tops you’re putting on your woodworking projects won’t crack as they try to expand and contract over time. Try them the next time you build a desk or table. They…

  • A Super Simple Table

    If you’re looking for a cool last minute gift, or just a great project, this table is for you. Incredibly, it can be made it about one hour!

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  • How to Make a Tapered Leg - Four Sided

    Laying Out a Four-Sided Tapered Leg

    A four-sided taper looks very delicate on a piece of furniture. Follow these lay out rules to make sure the leg looks good, but still has plenty of strength. Related Video: Laying Out a Two-Sided Tapered Leg

  • Laying Out a Two-Sided Tapered Leg

    Laying Out a Two-Sided Tapered Leg

    When laying out two-sided tapers for furniture there are some design rules to follow to make sure the legs look nice. This videos provides what you need to know to have nice looking legs. Related Video: Laying Out a Four-Sided Tapered Leg

  • Drawer Installation Tips

    Drawer Installation Tips

    Mechanical drawer slides make it easy to open and close a drawer, but you’ve got to insert the drawer correctly to make sure you don’t destroy the slide and end up with bearings all over the floor. Check out these drawer installation tips. Relevant Links: DIY Drawers: Lock-Joint DIY Dresser: Attaching Drawer Fronts DIY Dresser:…

  • Three-Piece Bedroom Set

    Here’s a great project for do-it-yourselfers who are tired of that old bedroom furniture. The three-piece set features a handsome oak finish and clean lines that blend well with any decor. The finished dresser measures about 60 inches wide by 32 inches tall, the chest of drawers stands 32 inches high by 30 inches wide…

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  • Wall Unit Plans

    DIY modular wall units are an ideal way to make the most of valuable wall space. Any number of these two wood projects may be combined to take advantage of any floor plan to increase storage and the beauty of your home. Download this DIY custom storage unit project plan today. Each units measure 78…

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  • drill vent holes

    Upholster a Wrapped Seat Cushion

    A customer came into my shop the other day and asked me to replace their uncomfortable and broken fiberglass kitchen stool seats. They wanted to reuse the adjustable chrome bases, but change the seats so they were cushioned and upholstered. I said sure, no problem, and I suggested a simple wrapped padded cushion. The techniques…

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  • Carry-Along Wooden Camping Chair

    “I’ve been through the gambit of store-bought collapsible chairs to bring along on my canoe trips and none of them have really grabbed me, until I came up with this one. I ran across a photo of a two-piece chair similar to this in a book about ancient Vikings and was inspired to modernize it.…

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