Furniture Making

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  • cabiole legs

    Making Cabriole Legs

    If you think cabriole legs are out of reach, think again. The graceful S-curve and pad foot of these iconic eighteenth century furniture legs may look hard to make, but you’ll be surprised how simple they can be with a few hand tools and a little hand-eye coordination. This plan provides you with the templates…

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  • Trimming Dovetails

    Trimming Dovetails with Your Router

    After assembling a dovetail joint and allowing the glue to cure, the next step will be to trim the pins and tails so that they are flush with the sides of the box. There are many ways to accomplish this task. Some woodworkers tackle this with a belt sander or random orbital sander, which can…

  • Breadboard Ends

    How to Glue Breadboard Ends

    Breadboard ends are attractive, and functional. They cover the end grain of a panel and, because they’re applied long grain to cross grain, they help the panel remain flat. However, the long grain to cross grain connection can create a problem, if the ends aren’t properly applied. Seasonal changes Even after a tree has been…

  • Curved Hall Table

    If your to-do list includes building a hall table, and you are looking for a simple way to “get out of the box” by adding some simple curves to a furniture project, this project just might be for you. Our curved hall table plans will give you everything you need including step-by-step instructions, a how-to…

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  • How to Make a Three Legged Stool: Accurate Legs | WWGOA

    Make a Three Legged Stool: Create Circles for Accurate Legs

    Have you ever wondered how to make a three legged stool so that the leg spacing is perfectly even? As part of teaching you how to make a three legged stool, George shares a simple foolproof method for dividing a circle into three or six even increments, which gives you the fundamental skill needed for…

  • How to Cut Grooves in Wood for a Perfect Fit

    Perfect Grooves for Plywood with a Table Saw

    Not a huge surprise, but 1/4″ plywood isn’t really 1/4″ thick. It’s typically undersized. If you use a dado head or router bit to make a groove to receive the plywood, it’ll probably be too big. Learn how to cut grooves in wood to receive plywood with a perfect fit. One saw blade, two passes,…

  • Tapering Furniture Legs on a Band Saw

    Tapering Furniture Legs on a Bandsaw

    Here’s a simple way to produce tapers for furniture legs. No specialized jigs required. Just a band saw equipped with the right blade, and you’re good to go. Related Videos: Making A Tapered Leg Jig Using A Table Saw Laying Out A Two-Sided Tapered Leg

  • Using Figure 8 Table Top Fasteners

    Using Figure 8 Table-Top Fasteners

    Figure 8 fasteners provide a great way to attach solid wood tops to furniture bases. This is a method that’ll help ensure the solid wood tops you’re putting on your woodworking projects won’t crack as they try to expand and contract over time. Try them the next time you build a desk or table. They…

  • A Super Simple Table

    If you’re looking for a cool last minute gift, or just a great project, this table is for you. Incredibly, it can be made it about one hour!

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  • How to Make a Tapered Leg - Four Sided

    Laying Out a Four-Sided Tapered Leg

    A four-sided taper looks very delicate on a piece of furniture. Follow these lay out rules to make sure the leg looks good, but still has plenty of strength. Related Video: Laying Out a Two-Sided Tapered Leg