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  • Working with Big Pieces of Wood for Woodworking Projects

    Working with Large Pieces of Wood

    Tips To Help You Prep And Handle Big SlabsI take advantage of the ample supply of hardwoods that surround my old farmstead here in western Wisconsin. I focus primarily on fallen trees or ones that are slated for removal. I built a solar kiln to dry the lumber and my barn is ideal for storage.…

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  • Fix a Screwed-Up Table Top

    Did you use too long a screw, and now it’s poking through the tabletop? Here’s a ‘swell’ repair solution.Sending a screw up through a tabletop while attaching it to the apron is a disaster, there’s no question about it. I managed to do this four times when I grabbed the wrong length screws from a…

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  • Shop-Made Wooden Label Holders

    Handy Label Holders: Make a Bunch Using Simple Production Techniques. I’ll admit it… I’m an organizing freak! Every tool, screw, nail, etc. in my shop, has a designated and labeled home. I designed these wooden label holders to accept 1/2″ wide labels I made and printed on the computer. They’re a great addition to my…

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