Cabinet Making

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  • Drawer Joinery Using a Slot Cutter

    Drawer Joinery Using a Slot Cutter

    Here’s an easy way to create a rabbetted drawer lock joint, using only a 1/4″ slot cutter. One set up will do all the joinery and allow you to cut the grooves for the drawer bottom. It’s easy and it’s fast. Here we go! The Bit. This process relies on a 1/4″ slot cutter router

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  • Easy European Hinge Mounting

    Easy European Hinge Mounting

    European hinges must be mounted so their arms are 90 degrees perpendicular to the edge of their door. If they are not, then the hinges will bind and wear excessively over time. I struggled for a long time trying to use a combination square to make the alignment. Then I devised this simple jig. Here’s

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5 Responses to “Cabinet Making”
  1. jan.berrios2010

    Can someone help me determine the best material to use to make a stone top kitchen cart? I am not sure if I will be painting it white to match my cabinets or staining it dark to contrast, but I want to make sure that I use the right material that will hold up to being rolled around and the 30-40 lb granite slab I will be topping it with. I am a relatively new woodworker and this will be the biggest/most finished project I have undertaken. Thanks!

    • Customer Service

      Hi Jan. Any common cabinetmaking material will hold up fine with a 40 pound weight on top of it. Plywood, solid wood, MDF would all be good options.