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Ask WWGOA: Lathe Sharpening

Question: I have loved your lathe videos so much that I have just bought my first lathe. I am getting it set up and know that I need a sharpening system. I am trying to decide between a 8″ grinder, Tormek system (expensive!) or the Work Sharp 3000 you demoed in the video I just…

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Ask WWGOA: George’s Solid Wood Storage

Question: George, I have the same system throughout my workshop, garage, and Shed, (from the George’s Solid Wood Storage video) but I put 3/4 ply down for more consistent support. Do you think the ply was a good or bad idea? Submitted by Tim K. Answer: No, no problem adding a plywood deck. In fact…

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Ask WWGOA: Brad Nailer for Light Work

Question: What brand/size/gauge brad nailer would you suggest for light work like that you frequently do in your videos? Submitted by Ross W. Answer: 18-guage and 23-gauge nailers will serve you very well. Remember that with gauges the higher the number the smaller the item, so 23-gauge is smaller than 18-gauge. The benefit to 23-gauge…

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Ask WWGOA: Fixing Nail Blowouts

Question: I’m sure that this never happened to you, but… I was nailing on a face frame (I know, I didn’t want to use nails but the angles of this cabinet made it nearly impossible to get good gluing pressure) and a few of the brads blew out the side of the cabinet (see photo).…

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Why are There 3 Titebonds?

“Nice article about 4 glues. But why are there three “Titebonds”? When do you use “Titebond II”? Aside from costs, is there ever an advantage of “Titebond” over “Titebond III” or “Titebond II”? Or can I simply use “Titebond III” for all my furniture projects?” WWGOA Editor Response: Titebond II is Type II water resistant.…

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Ask WWGOA: Joiner Biscuit Sizes

Question: I ordered a Porter Cable biscuit jointer and was wondering what size biscuits to order. How do you determine what size biscuit is used for a particular job. I have read about PC’s FF size but am still confused. Your advice is appreciated. Submitted by HHolmes Answer: The three common biscuit sizes are 0,…

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