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Bullet Proof Assembly Surface

If you’re like me, your assembly table top takes a beating. No matter how careful you are, an errant drop of glue or a sharp edge or corner leaves either a lump or divot. You can live with these minor flaws, repair them, or someday replace the top. I used to live with a few…

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No-Mess Saw Blade Cleaning

Recently, I decided it was time to clean my saw blades to remove a bunch of built-up gunk. I laid the blades on newspaper to suck up the extra cleaning solution and I cleaned a few. I looked down at a huge mess I had just made and I said to myself, “There has to…

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Tame That Wayward Nail

Errant nail? Pull, Don’t Push for the Cleanest Fix Air-nailers have made fastening much more efficient. I use my air-nailers on a daily basis to fasten small pieces of trim to cabinets, frames and doors. While the process is much more efficient, there’s a little less control when driving the nails, compared to hand nailing.…

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