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Clear Vue Cyclone Review

Clear Vue Cyclones Model 1800LH Review The reason that we woodworkers need to implement dust collection in our shops is not to keep the shop clean per se, as a broom can do an adequate job of that for a fraction of the cost. The real purpose of dust collection is to keep the microscopic…

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Workaround: Large Bit, Small Hole

I was working on a project that required a 1-7/8″ forstner bit, and the only size close to this that I had was a 2″ bit. Unfortunately this was not close enough, so I needed a solution, and no stores were open. I decided that the best approach would be to use my router with…

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Workaround: Make Any Size Hole

I know circle cutters aren’t a lot of money. But the thought of a steel arm swinging around at face level with a knife makes me nervous. Besides, that single blade tends to tear up the grain around the hole. Buying a dedicated hole saw for every size you may need is an expensive proposition.…

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Face Joint Wide Boards

Natural edged slab wood can be turned into some amazing projects. But taming the rough slab can be a chore. A planer needs a jointed surface on one face of the plank before it can do its job. A jointer works great for this, but a typical slab will exceed the capacity of most jointers.…

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Branding Your Work

It’s not uncommon for woodworkers to use a branding iron to mark their work. It’s cool (actually, it’s pretty hot), and a sign that you’re proud of what you accomplished. Here’s an approach that’ll make your woodworking uniquely your own.These are not, actually, wood brands, they’re steak brands. The idea is that you plunk the…

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