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George’s Top 5 Must-Have Stationary Woodworking Tools for Your Workshop

I’m asked all the time, “What’s the first tool I should get?” My tongue-in-cheek answer is, “A credit card with a high limit.” But since people really do want advice on stationary tool purchases, I’ve developed “George’s Top 5 List.” It’s important to understand that this is my list of preferred tools and there will…

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Compound Miter Saws from Hitachi

Hitachi Power Tools announced two new 8-1/2″ slider compound miter saws, the C8FSE, $349, and C8FSHE, $379. At 31-lbs (C8FSE) and 32-lbs (C8FSHE), these are, according to Hitachi, the lightest and most portable 8-1/2″ slide miter saws on the market.Both the C8FSE and C8FSHE are powered by 9.5-Amp motors and have a no-load speed of…

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JET 22-44 Drum Sanders

Two new versatile, production-class sanding machines – the JET 22-44 OSC Drum Sander, $2,451, and JET 22-44 Pro-3 Sander with Digital Readout, $2,647 – feature exclusive SandSmart variable feed control from 0 to 10 feet per minute. Variable feed control enables the operator to use the best sanding rate for each job and helps prevent…

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