WWGOA LIVE! October 2017

Thanks for tuning in. We had a great session with lots of really good questions covering topics from lock miters to finishing. Viewers joined us from all over the world, including Paris and Japan. Very cool.

0:30 Lock miters
2:05 Plywood router bits vs stackable dado heads
4:20 Prefinish maple with Seal Coat?
6:10 Characteristics of common woods
8:35 Dado head for cutting a mitered half lap?
9:50 Is elm a good woodworking wood?
11:44 Guidance on cabinet face frames
14:58 Right blade for making multiple pass dadoes
18:00 Tips for getting a good paint finish in mdf
20:30 Making log cookies
23:34 Holding power of Titebond glues
24:34 Walnut bowl that cracked.
26:30 Removing water stains from finish
27:22 Wood and finish choices for countertops
28:56 Casters on tools?
29:23 Making sandpaper last longer
32:10 Painting particle board
34:30 CNC machine recommendations
36:00 How long for wood to dry?
37:24 UV blocking finish for pens
38:33 Why can’t you plane end grain?
39:55 Matching stains to existing color
42:10 Shop-made jig, or buy them?
43:35 Chestnut good to work with?
44:45 Repairing old, flaky wood?
46:17 Brands of moisture meters
47:33 Building a tap dance floor
49:38 LVLP or HVLP?
50:27 Biggest project George ever built
52:14 Chip out on lock miters
53:22 Determining type of finish
55:46 George’s teaching schedule
56:50 SuperMax sander?
57:18 Big box store ply for jigs?

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121 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! October 2017”
  1. karl

    My husband is making a 3 dimensional frame holding a 16″ Saw mill blade. He is using 3/4 materal end grain. He needs to know the secrets of the set up on a lock miter router bit.

  2. John

    From Spirit Lake, ID.
    Is it just my imagination, or is your right pinkie crooked? 🙂
    If you need to cut a 3/4″ dado for plywood, and you have a plywood router bit, is it better to use the router or the table saw?

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      My right pinkie is VERY crooked. Born with it slightly crooked, and broke it twice, which made it worse. Dado question answered at 2:05

  3. Reslan

    On maple solid hardwood shall I apply pre-staining shellac “zensser” before staining with gray colour “General Finishes” gell stain?

  4. Tim Kirby
    Tim Kirby

    Could you comment on the characteristics of commonly used wood species that make them desirable or undesirable for use in different kinds of woodworking projects (i.e. cabinets, table tops, book cases, chairs etc)

  5. Frank Albert
    Frank Albert

    I didn’t get a chance to ask a question the other night during the Gold Event, about dados, but maybe you can answer it here. I am making a large picture frame and want to use half-lap mitered corners. Is the best way, in your opinion, to use a dado stack to cut the half-laps or would you suggest a better method?

  6. BRUCE

    Should the face frame of a cabinet be flush with the inside or outside edge of the carcass?

  7. Bob

    When finishing with shellac what is your procedure…..what is the final sanding grit used before the fist coat?

  8. Eric

    I have some standing dead Elm in the woods at home. I’m considering resawing the Elm for small projects. Is Elm worth the experiment? I hear Elm is not good for woodworking. Eric in Minnesota

  9. Doug

    I see the Titebond banner in the background. What is the difference in holding power between the three Titebond glues if set up time is not an issue?

  10. Bobby Roy
    Bobby Roy

    Now and then, I make log “cookies,” and need to sand them smooth. Of course, I should try to cut each one a uniform thickness, to minimize the amount of material that needs to be removed. Besides that, what TPI bandsaw blade would you recommend for cutting these (green wood), to get a smoother cut, and how would you recommend initial sanding (e.g. 80 or 120 grit)? I happen to know that using the planer is NOT a way to do this!

  11. JOHN

    I’m heading to an old barn board “sale” on Saturday – both indoor and outdoor wood storage – any tips. Prices are $.50/bf for outside and $1/bf inside storage across the board.

  12. Mike Andrews
    Mike Andrews

    George, I am setting up my first woodshop in my basement. Most of my tools are benchtop with a full-size SawStop and a full-size jointer. Does it make sense to put everything on mobile stands?

  13. Candace Boyd
    Candace Boyd

    I’m wanting to make some counter tops in my kitchen from wood. What wood should I use and how should I finish it so it’s food-safe?

  14. Richard G Smith
    Richard G Smith

    How do you remove water stains from a veneer desk top without damaging the veneer?

  15. papa_dale@hotmail.com

    Hi George, George Dale here. I recently cut down some dead standing black walnut trees. My moister meter said it was at 6%. However when I turned a rather large bowl. I stopped for the evening and in the morning found a ugly crack in the bowl side. is 6% still to wet for black walnut turning?

  16. Bobby

    What TPI bandsaw blade should I use to cut log “cookies”? What method would be best to use to do initial 80 or 120 grit sanding of them?

    • 1suerte1

      I have a CNC with a 4 x 8 foot bed and I wouldn’t have anything smaller especially if you want to do a lot of cabinet work with full sheets of plywood. My tip is to get as big a CNC as you budget will allow.

  17. Tom Laye
    Tom Laye

    I need to paint the inside of a bathroom cabinet, made out of particle board, that has previously gotten wet. What grade sandpaper should I start with and end with to ensure a decent finish with water based semi-gloss paint?

  18. Monte

    Is there a chemical that I can apply to the ends of my wood blanks lathe material ends to keep them from splitting while they are drying?

  19. craig a rice
    craig a rice

    you didn’t mention the atbr blade and breaking the grain of a shwwt of sandpaper

  20. David

    General thoughts on shop made jigs (lots of your time) vrs specialty pre made jigs ( expensive ) stuff like Leigh and incra

  21. 1suerte1

    I have a CNC with a 4 x 8 foot bed and I wouldn’t have anything smaller especially if you want to do a lot of cabinet work with full sheets of plywood. My tip is to get as big a CNC as you budget will allow.

  22. Nicholas

    Sorry to back track here, but I was wondering if you had any recommendations as to which water meter would be most bang for your buck?

  23. Tim Wise
    Tim Wise

    As a quick project, I’m building a portable tap dance floor for my granddaughter. Would a wood hardener improve the durability of a sheet of hardwood veneered plywood? Or, simply go with a good floor poly?

  24. Hector

    Are you still using the Jessem router fence system or have you upgraded to the Incra system?

  25. aughtago

    you mentioned cutting raised panels on a table saw, I’ve seen that done, however if i have a router table and a raised panel bit, why would i want to consider the table saw method?

    Stan, VT

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      If you can make them with a router, stick with that. Tablesaw works great for folks that don’t have a large enough router to drive a panel raising bit.

  26. Paul

    Thanks for answering my question. Starting to get into woodworking myself. From North Tonawand, New York. Known as the Lumber City!

  27. thump

    Where can you get hand saw and table saw blades sharpened? All of the shops in my area are closed.

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      You need to find a sharpener in your area. Check with local cabinet shops to see who they use.

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      I’ve had great luck with Woodpecker products, but haven’t tested many others.


    Do you have any hints or tips on using Lock Miter router bits across the end grain of wood? I have tired and with the grain on the edge or face is ok but across the end grain is not working out.

  29. Dick

    For the person who inquired about a finish for a “tap dance” floor: Maybe he should
    check with a bowling alley as their lanes take a lot of abuse.

  30. Randy

    I’m thinking of getting a drum sander. What is your opinion of the Super Max 25-50 sander

  31. karl

    I have watched WWGOA for some time. I’m watching from my shop. i have noticed that your coping saw hanging on peg board has not moved in an while. Colorado

  32. Nicholas

    (Listening from Cincinnati, Ohio) I am also new to wood working and have been wondering if you have any recommendations on a solid dovetail saw under $50?

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      Sorry, I’m not much of a hand tool guy, so don’t have an answer for you.

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      There are lots of great choices, including man made material like T111. I’d base the decision on what will match the rest of your decor.