WWGOA LIVE! June 2018

A few technical difficulties with WWGOA LIVE, but we managed to hold it together and do the live stream. Thanks for watching, and thanks for the great questions.

1:30 cutting chair legs so the chair doesn’t rock
6:03 Shaper vs router
9:12 Casting epoxy
11:00 Recommended lathe chisels
13:28 Why face joint?
16:54 One all around glue?
17:18 Planes; bevel up vs bevel down
17:43 Circ saw blade for plywood
20:12 Plunge router for dovetail jigs?
21:00 Accessories for pen turning
24:10 What gloss of finish on cabinets
24:10 Breadboards ends
27:35 Cleaning up a table saw table
29:00 Types of outdoor glue
32:30 Strength of domino vs biscuit
34:00 Cutting a wedge for a mallet handle
37:00 Workbench, bench top drill presses, bench top bandsaw
39:25 Sharpen a marking gauge
41:30 Shellac or wood conditioner?
42:00 Grit for grinding wheels
43:24 Filling cracks on barn boards
45:03 Round templates for the router
46:42 Jointer recommendations
47:48 Veneer on a humidor
48:54 Domino, Biscuit, Dowel
50:25 Bowl blank from a log
53:00 Replace or sharpen chisels?
53:26 6” disc sander
55:30 Home center material
57:00 Finish for a dining room table
57:42 SawStop bench top saw
58:56 Angles on crown molding
1:00 Acclimating wood to your shop

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66 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! June 2018”

  1. verdun harris

    how do i sign in i became menber on 11/20 855-25308220mn please send e-mail to let me know- thank you 75 year old woodworker.

    • Customer Service

      Hi Verdun. I have emailed you instructions on how to log in to your Woodworkers Guild of America Premium Membership. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team at 1-855-253-0822.
      Jean-WWGOA Video Membership

  2. Ed C.

    When making crown molding or cove molding what are the best degrees to cut the backs so they equal 90 degrees?


    I cut my own router circle template using a piece of 1/4inch x 3 inch poplar and put approximate inch marks for a close circle.

  4. Bradley

    Any thoughts on the Saw-Stop Tablesaw versus other brands based on the safety features?

  5. Dennis

    I want to make a cigar humidifier and veneer the outside. What can I do to the inside since it l be cove cider?

  6. stevie porter

    pointers on how to lay out a log for cutting blanks for bowl turning

  7. Amanda

    I have a set of mediocre chisels that are about to need sharpening my question is should I learn to sharpen these mediocre chisels or should I go and buy a decent set and use those and in time learn to sharpen those

  8. Clay Bearden

    What causes a 6 inch disk sander to act like it has a mind of its own. Most of the time it grabs and moves all over the place. I’ve tried different grits, less more pressure. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

  9. saviofonseca

    What are your recommendations when using lumber from big box stores for say face frames and jigs if you do not have ready access to a lumber yard? What do you look for other than the obvious – bows & cups..

  10. Larry

    I want to build a wood mallet and would like to know how to make the wedges to lock the head to the handle. Plan to use walnut would you agree this is a good choice or recommend another wood?

  11. Mark

    Hi George..A gold member here, I have been waiting for tonight to ask a few things. Can you recommend a good already built workbench – about 6 -7 foot is all I can fit. Also….could you recommend a good table top drill, press and band saw? Been working on transforming my garage for some time…but now is for buying tools phase. Retired recently – and looking to learn more woodworking as my hobby. Have debated about putting it in the garage or unfinished basement. Winters are cold here…and I’m forced to carry all glue, paint, adhesives and so on to basement. Hope you respond….thank-you


    any advise for applying un-backed laminated wood to plywood or particle board.

  13. Joe Howard

    When finishing bare pine bi-fold doors, is there any need to apply a stain preconditioner (basically a thinned version of the stain with no pigment) on top of a shellac first coat before staining?


    what are the best bench grinding wheels and grit size for lathe turning tools? (Thanks from North Carolina)

  15. Dale

    I have some 120+ yr Old barn boards 15 inches wide 1 inch thick What is the best TITEBOND glue to fill cracks and stabilize the wood ????

  16. Robert

    hi gorge where is the best place to look for router templets, trying to find 6″ round circle templet all redy checked with Rockler?


    Any cure for off-cut hoarding mania? Seriously, I can’t bring myself to toss all those perfectly beautiful little pieces of wood. I find myself making silly faces from triangles, abstract wall art (bubinga grain is fascinating), weird paper weights, or just expensive glue scrapers. How does one cure this malady? :)

  18. John Slaughter

    From Spirit Lake, ID (the panhandle)
    I’ve been turning pens and have only needed a mandrel, so far. What should I get now to start doing other things?

  19. Thomas

    I’m looking for a great circular saw blade for breaking down plywood, also would a shallow scoring cut work the same as on a miter saw? The blade rotation being the same.

  20. Daniel

    Could you give me your lathe chisel brand recommendation(s)? My 25th wedding anniversary is tomorrow and my wife asked for a lathe to turn pens and bowls. Now I need to get her a good first set of chisels. Thanks for doing the show. Watching from Kentucky.

    • Rich

      Any of the English steels are good quality. Sorby, Crown. Doug Thompson makes excellent tools. If your wife is new to turning, consider some of the carbide tools from Mike Hunter, like the Hercules. If buying tools, also consider a sharpening system, which is just as important. Find a turning club in your area for some instruction and guidance and have fun!

  21. JOHNNY

    You mentioned during your Easy Cast epoxy video that the two part mixture was different and that the brass powder was heavy. Does it settle to the bottom of the epoxy during the curing process. Thank.

  22. JOHN

    Could you do a basic description of the difference between a Router and a Wood Shaper? thanks from Florida

  23. BRUCE

    I have kitchen chairs with splayed legs. The problem is the legs are not flat on the floor. How can I trim the bottom of the legs to get them flat and even with each other?