WWGOA LIVE! July 2017

A little false start at the beginning, but once we got going the LIVE was great. Have a look!

0:28 George’s trip to Philmont Scout Ranch
1:09 Using Pentacryl wood preservative
3:52 First tool for the small shop
4:17 Finish for cherry
5:08 $2000 planer?
5:53 Blade for ripping
8:28 Turning tips
12:49 Jet oscillating drum sander worth it?
15:34 How long does Pentacryl need to dry?
17:36 Australian woods wood for pens
18:16 Upgrade to digital read outs?
20:07 Products for cleaning and protecting saws
21:48 Working with ½” material
25:38 Material for boat seats
26:18 Hide glue vs yellow glue
27:42 Frequency of calibrating tools
29:29 Has George used a Shopsmith?
31:55 Drill press shopping
33:00 White ash for bowls?
33:26 How tight for bandsaw blades?
35:42 Worm screws for turning
38:35 Keep planes from rusting
39:06 Turning a large cylinder
41:00 Release tension on a bandsaw blade?
41:25 Furniture repair
41:50 Standard screws in pocket holes?
44:19 Chipped paint on a scroll saw table
45:00 Tablesaw recommendation
46:37 George’s air filter
47:50 Bandsaw guide wheels
48:23 Table saw blade not flat
50:17 3 jaw vs 4 jaw chucks
50:58 Fastening cross grain
53:55 George’s shop layout
55:24 Project selection

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113 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! July 2017”

  1. Raymond

    Congrats on the Philmont trip. As an Eagle, former scoutmaster and three-time Philmont advisor (twice to the Valle Vidal), I know that your scouts benefited greatly from your participation. Thank you for giving your time to do that!

  2. Roy Gutknecht

    George, Philmont is a great place to enjoy the Scouting experience for you, your son and the other boys. I was lucky enough to go twice, once as a scout and once as an adult. I lost a few lbs too … think I left them on top of Mt. Baldy!

    Great service you are providing — please keep up the great work. All the best, Roy

  3. Ronald Snipes

    I just love your response to the question of what project to do as a beginner, etc. You are so right, do what will interest you!! Wonderful thinking! Thanks. I wish I had logged in sooner.

  4. Thomas

    north of boston ma. looks wierd to see you without the mustache. definitely liking the better video quality. I’m an eagle scout as well. what is the best way to square up and flatten a large panel glue up? one of the pieces is longer than the others. i have a ~30″ square table top. i have the bosch reaxx table saw which only has 25″ capacity. it is also too big for sliding miter and router table. don’t own a jointer or surface sander so can only edge joint using the router table. at 30″ it’s definitely too big for the planer which i used on the panels before gluing up the 3 pieces. 2 were ~11″ and one about 7″ or so. i did the best i could but couldn’t get all the warp out as i used the 3/4″ stop on planer. could have also have clamped too hard or pieces were not exactly same thickness. how do you get a flat surface by hand? i have 1 hand plane and a low angle block plane. however blade catches wood and doesn’t move or gouges chunks.

  5. Darin

    I’m considering purchasing a drum sander. How do you feel about the usefulness of a drum sander in a home shop? What do you feel are some minimum specifications or features in the drum sander in order to make the purchase worthwhile?

  6. Richard

    What three projects would you recommend for 1) a beginner, 2) intermediate and 3) Pretty good

  7. Mark

    Your GOA live events are very engaging. Thanks again from Japan. (Third time watching)

  8. Greg

    Viewing from California–looking forward to being in Las Vegas for AWFS later this week!

  9. Roger M

    I needed a heads up on this 24 hours in advance to get it on the calendar

  10. Robert Gudger

    What is your logic for the layout of your shop? You seem to have different tools placed all around your shop with no specific order.

  11. James

    I noticed when squaring my table saw blade to the miter slot, that when I spin the blade, about half the blade touches my caliber and the others half doesn’t why is that

  12. Ron

    George, I’m building a liquor cabinet with solid walnut doors. Inside the doors will be framed shelves to hold bottles, glasses,etc. how would be the best way to attach the framed shelves to the horizontal door panels without issues from expansion and contraction?

  13. Chuck faith

    Hi George from Pennsylvania, i have an old 16″ band saw , is it comon to have to readjust the guide wheels every time i change blade size in width but same thickness ?

  14. Gary Coyne

    Fear not, Vegas is better than Atlantic City. Atlantic City is just like Vegas but without the charm.

  15. John

    I want to use melamine and/or MDF for making dressers, cabinets, etc. But, I am having a very difficult time finding laminates for them. Do you have any good online sources? I live about 40 miles from Spokane, WA.

  16. joe

    I am a beginning wood worker, have a shop smith mark v that I have inherited, but table saw is to high, thinking of purchasing a stand alone table saw – for a beginner what do I need to look for in table saw moderatly priced

  17. Wayne Williams

    Wayne from Garland, Tx. I have an Excaliber Scroll Saw. The surface of the plate seems to be painted and a spot is peeling. Should I remove the paint on the entire surface or live with it?

  18. Neil

    How important is it to use pocket screws with kreg jig holes if the holes will not be seen? Can I use a regular flush top, tappered bottom screw instead?

  19. Dan

    George I am working on a sweetheart chair from Italy. It was broken I epoxyed it back together I now have Mahogany putty to fine coat the repair. Am I on the right track?

  20. Curtis Johnson

    Greetings from Southeast Georgia. I am restoring an Antique aluminum boat. The seats were originally mahogany. Any recommendations on which variety to use due to the exposure to sea salt. and what finish?

  21. leninsebastopol

    How often do you calibrate your table saws and other power tools?

  22. Robert Gudger

    Do you still teach in a school system? We are both the same age and I am still teaching HS woodshop.

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      Nope, I teach in my shop and in retail stores and woodworking shows across the country.

  23. rshields

    Is there a good way to keep hand planes and similar tools from developing surface rust?

  24. Jason

    How would you safely Mount and turn a 6″ deep by 14″ radius cylinder with even thickness wall throughout? Is there something other then hand tools that I can slowly crank inside and outside the cylinder?

  25. Roger

    Here in the Catskills, as well as other parts of the country, the EMERALD ASH BORE has killed a large number of ash leaving dead. What criteria should be used for use of standing dead of ash and other species.

  26. Gregory

    Excellent about your Philmont experience. Congrats to you and your son and for your son working toward Eagle Scout.

  27. David

    I am struggling with making small adjustments in height with my router while mounted under my router table. What router tables do you recommend that can give me the ability to make small adjustments from a dial or crank without loosing the router fixed underneath?

  28. Sean

    I’m a hobbyist and looking for a drill press. I don’t usually do large projects, but since I have the room, I’d like a floor model. Do you have a suggestion for a drill press that would be good to start out? Or should I go the route of searching for old, used drill presses?

  29. Darryl

    Watching you from Thailand.
    Like your stuff. I’m attempting to make my own workshop here, but many problems.
    Tools expensive or crap!
    Finding good quality wood. Even ply is poor quality. Also seems that standard in 1/2″. Most projects on You Tube etc use 3/4″.
    Advice on using 1/2″ in stead of 3/4″ appreciated.

  30. Mark

    What’s the best products to protect cast iron table saws, lubricate gears, clean band saw wheels, etc?

  31. John

    Have you ever thought of upgrading your table saw, or any tools, to digital readouts? If so, which ones? Haver you actually upgraded any?

  32. Mike eade

    In Perth Australia. Which wood is the best for pens and handles in Australia?

  33. Gregory

    Sounds like you loved the Philmont trip. Great experience that, although I am an Eagle Scout, I never had a chance to ago there. Also looks like you lost some weight with all that hiking! Looking good!

  34. Pat Moran

    I’m starting to work handles for Pizza cutters and such.This new to me,any tips would be appreciated.ThisTheFirst time that I have asked a question.
    I’m a new gold member.

  35. Pat

    I’m starting to work handles for Pizza cutters and such.This new to me,any tips would be appreciated.ThisTheFirst time that I have asked a question.
    I’m a new gold member.

  36. Pat

    I’m starting to work handles for Pizza cutters and such.This new to me,any tips would be appreciated.

  37. thomas bice

    would like to watch your webinars but have been getting the reminders too late

  38. Jasen

    Lovin the live feed. Is there a particular blade you prefer when ripping mahogany?

  39. Troy Sullivan

    What are the key features to look for when purchasing a planer in the 2-3000 dollar range?

  40. BobE

    What is the best method for finishing Cherry like say a box maybe. I’ve no experience with this wood and heard it’s a bit peculiar to work with finish wise.

  41. John

    Just upgraded to a Gold membership and I have to tell you the extended videos on math, routing, dovetail jigs, and sharpening are a treasure. Thank you for the opportunity. John Florida

  42. Gary Gold

    What is more important to have in a small garage workshop, a planer, a router, or a drill press, a table saw?

  43. Roger

    Here in the Catskills,as well as other parts of the country, the EMERALD ASH BORE has killed a large number of ash trees leaving standing dead. What criteria should be used for use of standing dead of this and other species.

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      Your best bet is to contact a local forester and find out regulations that affect the use of this wood. Here in Wisconsin things are pretty restrictive. Ash can only be transported certain times of year. Not positive, but I think it also has to be debarked. Local rules will prevail on what you’re able to do with trees in your area.

      • Lloyd Stringer

        We have two ash trees that are dead , if you wait, the bark has come off of one already you can see where the ash borrow left tracks. It is drying as it stands. Wanting to see how the woid looks when we saw it into usable lumber