WWGOA LIVE! January 2017

We had one little technical glitch, but overall the WWGOA LIVE went great. Thanks to those who joined us. Here’s what we covered.

0:45 Aspen cupped when sealed with water based finish
4:15 How smooth should tenons be?
7:13 Quartersawn four sides
13:46 Bandsaw box blanks
16:20 Reducing hose size on a shop vacuum
19:15 Acrylic finish over tung oil?
20:35 Securing wood on a lathe
25:20 Paddle bits, forstner bits, holes saws
27:56 Internet outage Oops!
30:06 Social media platforms for WWGOA and George Vondriska
32:00 Bandsaw blade tension
35:52 Bandsaw upgrade. 14” and riser, or larger saw?
38:00 Guitar George built Kit company U.S. Guitar Kits
40:10 Working with cottonwood
41:53 Finding glue residue before finishing
45:45 Answering Live questions
47:51 Dust collection pipe recommendations
55:34 6” jointer… Good choice?
58:44 Belt sander buying advice
60:00 George’s upcoming teaching schedule

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82 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! January 2017”

  1. Ralph Lowd

    Watched on Feb 3. Concerning hose sizes on vacuums, I disagree with George. When you attach a hose that is too small you hear the motor speed up. This is proof that the air flow is restricted, in some cases severely. George’s observation that the lower speed of the air inside the larger hose is only relevant if you are using just the bare hose to pick up debris. If instead you attach an appropriate vacuum tool to the end of the hose, then the speed of the airflow at the vacuum tool (brush, duster, crevice tool) will be increased. The larger hose will always allow more airflow.

  2. John

    I do not like the fence on my router table. Inexpensive plastic 2 piece, adjustable and am going to make my own. Should I split it, just make a hole in the center , or leave it whole , as is? Thanks.

  3. jmain

    Watching from Buffalo, NY-my first live show. Thank you for some fresh opinion-differing approaches keeps our hobby interesting. Thank you

  4. Michael

    I notice when you answer the dust collection pipe question from Dallas you said that to watch out for the 90 degree fitting and the Y fitting , you can get the “Y” in PVC and what is called a long radius 90 (has twice the radius of a regular 90) both work great on a dust collection piping, you can get these in two inch and up pipe

  5. jon

    George thanks for the info on my walnut leg problem.I was more concerned about your thoughts on the stability of solid flat sawn wood for legs. should I laminate for stability sake? Hey IM a poet. Thanks

  6. Robert

    Can you give me another option for finish coat other that polyurathane. Im tired of waiting fir it to dry between coats

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      Shellac and lacquer both dry very quickly. I use Zinsser Sealcoat frequently goo.gl/qsY38x

  7. sundheim

    Thank you for your great answers to such diverse questions! I’m a longtime viewer (from St. Louis, MO) who has ordered literally dozens of videos over many years and am currently a member. I remain a faithful, determined although still comparatively ignorant woodworker . . . but improving slowly! Your willingness to respond to so many questions and do such a great job is admirable.

  8. Robert

    George if you can publish more videos using hand power tools in place of a stationary tool. It would help those of use with small shops I’m from Elk Grove Village, Illinois. My question is this. What should I look for in power sanders.

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      This is a great idea. You’re right, I should do more videos with only portable power tools. Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Robert

        Thank You I’ll be impatiently waiting HA HA My work space is very small a one car garage, that still has to hold a car most of the time so I have resorted to lots of mobile options and making a fold down workbench etc.

  9. Dallas

    Hey George, enjoying the first live streams as a new gold member minus the technical difficulties, lol. I noticed in the background what appeared to be metal piping for dust collection, what are your suggestions for that… (metal pipe, pvc pipe, size of pipe)? My new shed I’m building is 10′ X 20′ and I want to make sure I’m removing dust from machines in the best possible manner. My dust collector will be 2 hp, approximately 12-1500 cfm. Thank you and really enjoying this!!

  10. Daniel

    Got some waterfall babinga really expensive so I wanted to redraw a 5 quarter price couldn’t cut it no matter what I tryed have you had any experance with this wood

  11. Curtis

    After finishing a project I notice glue residue…what can I use to make sure glue residue is no longer visible after applying finish?

  12. Timothy

    George, have you ever worked with cottonwood? I just picked up a 1″ by 10″ by 12 feet piece. What should I look out for?

  13. Jay

    George, looking to upgrade my 14″ band saw from a cheap version to a nicer one. Should I upgrade to another 14″ saw with a lift kit or go to a 17″ band saw. Going to use for cutting things, no plans to do veneer cuts. Ideas for the size?

  14. NMM

    Hussein, Sri Lanka,
    The blade in my 14″ band saw cracks across the gullet of the blade. What could be the reason or reasons for this. My band saw is not a branded one, and the markings for blade adjustments are not accurate at all. Need some guidance.

  15. jklackner

    Keeping with thoughts about tenons – How tight should the fit for a tenon into the mortise be?


  16. Texas

    Do you use any of the social media platforms? I would like to see what you’re up to between Live shows.

  17. Mark

    I recently suffered an accident at the lathe where a medium sized (6x6x8) piece of log flew off the head and tail stocks and hit me in the face. I’ll be okay (dental surgery is in order) but now I’m gun shy and want to know the most secure way to lock an awkward piece of log so that this doesn’t happen again. I purchased the new face shield that you recommend (with the filtered air system) so I am feeling better protected. Thanks for all that you do, George. You are making wood working more enjoyable, more manageable, safer and a delight.

  18. John

    Will brush on acrylic work on top of tung oiled mahogany veneer (paperless)? If not, which protective clear coat will work best?

  19. jon

    I am building a small walnut chest , and I have some 8/4 walnut boards for legs. The 8/4 walnut is flat sawn lumber. Cant find 2 inch quarter sawn . With flat sawn boards should I laminate two 1 inch instead of solid 2 inch?

  20. jon

    how clean does a tenon needs to be. does it need to be smooth or can it be a little rough on the faces

  21. David Wallace

    Where is a good supplier for blanks to make bandsaw boxes? And what size blanks recommended.

  22. hairy

    Hairy from Lakefield mn. I am working with some rustic aspen. I plained the material to 7/8 of an inch jointed and cut the pieces for glue up 3 pieces to make a 14 inch wide board. I biscuit cut and glued the pieces together, biscuits were about 12 inches apart using tightbond number two glue. After drying for 24 hours I ran the pieces through a super max 19/38 drum sander. Material turned out great. I then cleared with valspar water base satin clear. After the first coat the material started to get a little bow in it. Did the water base clear loosen up the glue and cause this, I am kinda stumped . Is it the wood. I have done this before with oak and hackberry and have had no problem.my wood shop stays at 65 degrees all the time.

  23. 1withthegrain

    Last month you discussed the differences between dust collectors and shop vacs in regards to dust collection specifically how they were inverse to each other. If a dust collector requires the largest pipe for the longest part of the run as possible, does the same hold true for a shop vac or just the opposite? Am speaking in regards to using a 1-1/4 hose vs. using a 2-1/2″ hose.