Why are There 3 Titebonds?

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“Nice article about 4 glues. But why are there three “Titebonds”? When do you use “Titebond II”? Aside from costs, is there ever an advantage of “Titebond” over “Titebond III” or “Titebond II”? Or can I simply use “Titebond III” for all my furniture projects?”

WWGOA Editor Response:

Titebond II is Type II water resistant. Titebond III is Type I, meaning it goes through more rigorous tests than a Type II glue. A quick web search showed Titebond at $8.59/quart, Titebond II at $10.49/quart and Titebond III at $13.99/quart. I’d use Titebond II for outdoor furniture that will be slightly protected from the elements. Outside of expense, you could simply use Titebond III for all your woodworking projects. Or, to save some dough, keep regular Titebond on hand for standard indoor projects and Titebond III for anything that will see moisture.

George Vondriska

Managing Editor

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4 Responses to “Why are There 3 Titebonds?”

    • Customer Service

      Hello Tony,

      Here’s what the experts had to say about your question:

      Titebond III for sure. Waterproof and FDA approved for food contact.

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  1. William McStay

    I am getting back in model building (retirement) I am into Scale Model Ships (Balsa Wood) Is Titebond Liquid Hide Wood Glue good for these balsa wood models or should I be using a different type of Titebond ,I prefer to stay with Titebond products solely

    • Michel Belair

      As a guitar maker, I stay away from titebond liquid hide glue. The only time I had bridges (3 times!) and fingerboard getting unglued is when I used this glue. Many of my colleagues also stayed away from this glue. Regular Titebond yellow should work just fine