Where to Buy Parts for Your Tools

One of the most common questions we get is, “I have an old [insert tool name], and I need parts for it. Where can I get them?”

belt sander

I encountered a similar scenario with my favorite belt sander, a Bosch 4×24. Look closely…

end of a belt sander

The platen broke off. :(

belt sander with extra parts

It’s eReplacement Parts to the rescue! They had a platen in stock for this 20-year-old tool.

belt sander on a wooden table

It was a perfect fit! My belt sander is back in business, and I’m a happy camper.

Next time you’re looking for replacement parts, give eReplacement Parts a try. They may have exactly what you need.

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27 Responses to “Where to Buy Parts for Your Tools”


    They are not the only place to get replacement parts, but they are by far the closest one can get to “One Stop Shopping”. Here’s a tip, whenever I’m looking to buy a used tool, I check out eReplacement.com first to make sure parts are still available, if not, I’ll usually pass on it.

  2. Ken Lott

    I need a”inner flange” for a Chicago 7-1/4 Circular Saw 63290. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  3. LARRY

    Yes, indeed!! I have used them several times. Fortunately, each time, they had exactly what I was seeking and they got it pushed out quickly. I shall continue to look to them for replacement parts in the future.
    Hey, I’m 75 and it seems like some of my own parts aren’t working with as much fluidity as they did 20-30 years ago. Reckon I could find parts at their store to do the trick??? :-)

    • Dave

      I have had both shoulders replaced. Anyone know where I can find some grease fittings that fit?

  4. Steve Lundberg

    I have used eReplacement Parts successfully for a number of years for tool and appliance parts. However, they are not infallible. I attempted to find parts for an old Delta 6″ jointer, only to find out that the locking lever is listed as obsolete (unavailable) for the Delta (37-190).

  5. luis BARRAGAN

    I am looking the upper blade guide support for a RYOBI BAND SAW 9 in. BS903. Can you replace it ? Thanks.

  6. LEW

    I checked eReplacementparts.com with no luck. They did not have the plastic blade guard for my Craftsman table saw. Nor did they have the replacement cover for my Craftsman 4″ belt sander. Ugh!!

    • MIKE

      Try looking up the parts diagrams of similar tools. I don’t thin Craftsman ever made their own tools so chances are that a similar tools under a different brand will have the same parts. I recently needed a part for an old Craftsman mortising machine which was “no longer availbable”. Matched the diagram to a Delta version of the machine which still had parts availability. Exact match.

  7. Tom

    Unfortunately they didn’t have parts for my Delta scroll saw or band saw. Guess those were the ones that go bad first and both saws are over 15 years old.

  8. Luis F. Arango

    ‬I have aan old Craftman belt sander am I need replacement part. Can you help me?

  9. Richard DeLong

    I have a steel city 14″ deluxe saw in need of replacement trunnions. at this time i am using wood trunnion i made. Any ideas where i can locate a pair?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Richard,

      I would look at parts from other manufacturers, as it’s possible that something might prove to be a close enough match to make it work. Here is a source for a multi-vendor trunnion that gets great reviews: https://amzn.to/3IHNrpj


  10. Elaine

    I’ve used them several times and they are a great resource I highly recommend!

  11. Jim Glaser

    I have used them many times. Not only do they have parts for tools, but appliances as well. Any time I have a broken or failing (anything) I go to their website first. They even have videos showing how to perform the repair on many items.

  12. Rod Chamblin

    I’m really glad that you brought this parts source to our attention. I too, have some older favorite tools that I would like to have up and running again.

  13. Jim Shearer

    I just found out about this company yesterday as I needed a replacement v-belt for my DeWalt planer. They had the part and shipped out the same day! So hopefully, it will arrive next week. I was glad to get your endorsement on this company. Thank you

  14. Steve Kendall

    I’ve used them before, and generally they have had what I was looking for, so I agree. A good place to start your search.

  15. Steve

    I have used them a lot I have a ridged 1200 wood lathe that I broke the spindle shaft , they had the part. There great.