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Ask WWGOA: Building and Accessorizing a Workbench

Question: This is in reference to the Building and Accessorizing a Workbench video. Very interesting and informative. Why didn’t you drill the bench dog holes with a router and 3/4″ straight bit through the template? Submitted by anonymous Answer: Great question. I learned the answer the hard way. My first approach was using a plunge…

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Leigh Hold-Down Clamps

I think it’s brilliant! If a clamp works well securing material on a dovetail jig, why not use it at the bench? That’s what Leigh did by converting the material clamps from their dovetail and FMT jigs into bench hold down clamps. Leigh’s Hold-Down Clamps, $49.95, can be mounted to any surface because they’re available…

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Ask WWGOA: Bench Dog Hole Spacing

Question: I recently built a new workbench with a front vise and a tail vise. I purchased some bench dogs to use with my new bench, but I’m not sure how to space the holes for the bench dogs. I’m reluctant to start drilling holes into my new bench without some advice regarding the appropriate…

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