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Ask WWGOA: Turning Tool Recommendations

Question: I’m new to turning. I bought a Jet 12-20 lathe. I have one full length Easy Wood Rougher. I need to buy more turning tools. Since I’m new and want to learn to do “coves” and “beads” would you recommend continuing with the Easy Wood System or going to the standard gouges, skews etc.?…

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Cut Leg Flutes Without a Chisel

A well turned leg can make an ordinary leg extraordinary. To put the icing on the cake, just add flutes. Flutes are a decorative element that’s been around for thousands of years. Think of all those fluted columns scattered about ancient Greek and Roman ruins. The fact that fluting is still used today is a…

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Spindle Turning Basics

Lathe turning can be lots of fun, but I know that some woodworkers are intimidated by the prospect of a piece of wood spinning against a tool at a high rpm. This article will help you overcome some of those concerns and, hopefully, help turn you on to turning. It’ll take you through safely mounting…

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