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Painter’s Pyramids – Reworked

It’s a simple enough concept. Elevate your work above the bench when you’re finishing, and you’ll get to the finish line faster. You can apply finish to the back, flip the project, and get started on the front without standing around watching finish dry. Plus, it’s just plain easier to finish your projects when they’re…

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3 Essential Shop Accessories

Three of my favorite shop accessories: A work apron, dust mop, and miter saw laser guide.I’m often surprised by how great an impact a small and simple shop accessory can have on my everyday woodworking life. I take these useful items for granted, but if they were “removed from the mix,” I would be lost.…

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Rockler Bench Cookies

There’s nothing more frustrating than chasing your work across the shop while you’re trying to work on it. The obvious solution is clamping the work to your bench, but then you end up with the clamp in your way. If only there was an effective way to stick your work to the bench with no…

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